The Making of Alice...

I realize that I haven't posted lately but I've been BUSY..Busy celebrating my birthday, traveling a bit... AND "Making Alice".  You see, Holli will be 3 on her birthday this year and she is absolutely in LOVE with Alice in Wonderland.  She watches the movie, I found a vintage Alice in Wonderland  Little Golden Book at my mother's house for her AND...this year the theme of her birthday party will be Alice!  Well, I began looking for a cute, soft Alice doll for her but could not find one...not even at Disney World or Epcot.  SO...I decided instead to look for a knitting pattern of Alice and found it!  I was super excited to start a new knitting project (as I always am...) and I had never knitted a doll before so here I went...Off to make Alice!

 Although the pattern called for knitting and putting Alice together along the way, I chose instead to knit all of the pieces and then go back and put her together.
                                     Everything had to be made separately...EVERYTHING.

                               Of course, the entire doll had to be stuffed...Piece by piece.

                 The clothes had to be sewn like any other pattern; seamed and hemmed, etc.

I made her clothes where they could be taken off because I'm thinking of making another dress for her because you know how little girls love to dress their dolls up!
Here is how Alice sits upon my kitchen counter right now.  All she lacks is a mouth, and a ribbon for her hair!

I wondered at times if I would have Alice finished in time for Holli's birthday party, which we will be celebrating a little early this year.  Especially since I took an entire week off to travel and celebrate my birthday.  But as you can see, she will be finished in time for Easter weekend!  How long did it take?  Well...not working every day and sort of on and off it took about 3 weeks.  I love the way she turned out and can only hope that Holli loves her too.  And when she gets older and outgrows Alice, I hope that she will put her away in a safe place for her own little girl to enjoy someday.  And remember that her YaYa made this gift especially for her with love.