Thursday, April 23, 2015

From New Orleans to Miami and Back: Part 2

As I said, getting out of Louisiana when we did was a pretty good idea since rain was coming in and LOTS of it.  We took a plane out of New Orleans and by the afternoon we were looking out of our room window at this...

                                      Now, I'll say this is MUCH better than the rain any day!

We stayed at a different hotel this time, The Tides.  It is located on Ocean and there is a lot of activity around this area since the land is owned by the city right there.  The rooms were great; comfortable and cozy...

This trip we also brought some friends along with us to do a little Peacock Bass fishing again...
The day started off nice and sort of cool, but unfortunately it got a little too hot for me after a while and I actually dehydrated and spent the rest of the day trying to recoup.  Still, it was a lot of fun catching those fish!

That evening, I was rested and feeling a little better so we all went out to eat dinner at Espanola Way.  I love this little historic area that has the look of Cuba.  The outdoor dining is just as wonderful as the food.  We ate at Havana 1957 which is a restaurant that serves Cuban food...OH MY GOODNESS HOW YUMMY!

The next morning I was feeling MUCH better and hydrated so Hubby and I set out to do a little walking around when suddenly everyone wanted to go bike riding.  There are Citi Bikes all around the city for rental and it really is a good way to see the city.  However, I prefer just staying on the boardwalk because getting on the road with cars just freaks me out a little bit.  And I specifically let that be known.  But do you think that mattered much?!  Apparently not,  because after a short while of enjoying the boardwalk, I followed our little group right out into the road (Yikes!)

  This big smile was before I knew we were gonna be riding in the road!  And, Yes, I put some bottled water in that handy little basket. 

Even with all of the fishing and bike riding and running around Miami,  I DID get to do my favorite thing while there...You've got it; just lay on South Beach, listen to the waves roll ashore, read a little bit and, of course, people watch.

                                                       Yep...Here's my "Happy Place"!

This trip was a busy, short little trip but I enjoyed the get-away very much and am excited to say that I will actually be returning next week for a little longer stay with my Ohioans!  Years ago, when Caitlin was only a junior in high school, she and I started going to Miami during spring break each year.  There were a couple of years that we missed here and there; the semester she spend in Washington, D..C., the year she got married and since having Holli, we haven't thought she would be old enough to enjoy a beach trip to Miami.  But this is the year to resurrect our "Miami Girls' Trip" and I can't wait!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

From New Orleans to Miami and Back: Part 1

I know it's been a while but I have been on the move lately.  We headed down to New Orleans first for a weekend with some of the kids and Grands and then on to Miami for a little fun in the sun.  The real purpose of the New Orleans trip was two-fold:  Ryan (who is in the process of setting up his dental practice) had to look at some dental equipment and he and Allison also had a wedding to attend.  And they needed a baby-sitter for Olivia.  SO...You've to it!  We agreed to baby-sit while also enjoying New Orleans.
Ryan and Allison had not been back to New Orleans since they moved last May and she had
2 things on her mind for this visit:  One was eating some raw oysters and she got those for lunch right away at Drago's.
 After lunch we walked over to The Shops at Canal Place where we found a Starbucks for an afternoon pick-me-up and Beckett got a snack.
                             Olivia just watched on and enjoyed riding around in her stroller.
            Saturday, Allison got her second wish...Beignets at Morning Call in City Park!
                                                              Beckett enjoyed them too!
 Olivia looked on longingly...I could tell by the look on her face that she can't wait until she can have some, herself.
               But for now she will just settle for some milk and a nap (Ahhh...the life of a baby).
 We actually enjoyed the nice weather by picnicking in the park also.  We made a stop at Whole Foods to grab what we all wanted and then headed out there.
 I absolutely LOVE City Park.  The scenery is just beautiful, with moss draping from the trees and ducks paddling along.
                         Beckett liked the Park too and was showing Uncle Ryan the ducks.
 The beautiful Oak trees that can be found throughout the park are not only great for climbing but also the perfect backdrop for photos.
                       This is one of my favorite shots I took while there that day.  So serene.

As Saturday wound down, Hubby and I got ready for the next leg of our trip...MIAMI!  And just in time it seemed, since the rain was beginning to move into Louisiana...

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring, Easter and MY BIG, FAT FAMILY

It's officially spring and I LOVE that we are now having more warm days than cooler ones.  I LOVE that the days are longer and I can see the sun more each day.  I LOVE that because spring has arrived we will be swimming by the end of May, however, spring does not feel the same way about me.  Proof?  You want proof of that fact?  It is the color green.  No...I don't mean all of the new sprigs of grass popping up and trees blooming.  I mean that yucky green pollen that has me not only on antihistamines, nose sprays and ear drops but this year allergy shots also (ugh!).  I mean it really takes an effort to keep my eyes and nose from running constantly.  I look outside and it looks SO inviting but the minute I get out there for a few minutes the allergies flare up (Ka-Choo!).  This past weekend was Easter and it rained here in the south...which actually washed some of that pollen away but it also kept us inside with our BIG, FAT FAMILY.  To dye eggs.  And hunt them.

I enjoyed all of my kiddos and their kiddos (with the exception of Caitlin) being in for the holiday weekend and, of course, took quite a lot of photos.  I know that I'm running a little behind but I still wanted to share some of them with you...

Earlier in the week I met Allison in town to take Olivia to have her picture taken with the Easter Bunny for her very first Easter.
                                                  And Holli went to an egg hunt in Ohio.
                     Parker Ann and Beckett started Saturday off by decorating Easter cookies.
 Beckett was totally shocked that someone actually allowed him to climb on the step stool AND ice cookies and pour sprinkles on them.  I think he had a pretty good time!
                                      It was definitely a "sweet" kinda holiday around here
         We waited until later in the day to dye our eggs so all of the adults could enjoy it too.
    And, although Holli could not be here with us, Caitlin sent us a picture of her dying her eggs too.
Uncle Dave (along with the rest of us) spent time rocking the little babies (Lila Kate left, Olivia right).
          We all went to church on Sunday and I got photos of ALL of us (One happy YaYa here!)
                                                   And my Ohio baby went to church there...
   It poured rain here all day on Easter but that didn't stop these two from hunting eggs...INSIDE!

At the end of the day and weekend, Poppi and YaYa were able to say that "Life is Good"...
Celebrating our risen Lord, the beginning of spring, children and grandchildren...It really is a good life.