Jeep Rides in the Mountains

One of my favorite parts of our Colorado trip was the evening jeep rides through the mountain trails.    With the windows rolled down it was chilly, yet so invigorating to get out and search for hidden streams,  sunsets over mountain tops and moose grazing in the valleys.  It was just before dusk that we set out and so we were able to capture wildlife that was coming out of hiding.

       We watched moose graze from afar not wanting to get too close as to disturb them.

 However, when we were watching some other moose move about, we didn't notice this one!  I glanced out my other window and WOW!  He was so close to us and didn't seem afraid so we just sat and watched him for a while.
I captured this beautiful ground covering through my window as we were driving.  To me, it looks so  magical, as though fairies inhabit the area.
Chasing streams though was a favorite for me.  If you stepped outside the jeep and listened carefully, you could hear them rushing over rocks through the forest.  And then it was a matter of just following the sound that would take you there.
Although I tended to get scratched up a bit, I found that standing in the stream captured the best view.
And this photos says it all.  In the still and quiet dusk, you suddenly look up and there is the sunset over the mountain peaks.  I don't care where I am in this world but there is nothing like seeing a beautiful sunset.

Needless to say, these jeep rides were some of the most peaceful times I had while in Colorado.  Just taking in the scenery and nature.  I find it worth the time to travel to new places and experience new things to feel this peacefulness come over you in moments like these.

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