The Colorful Show Called Autumn in Colorado

Y'all, the heat is simply oppressive here in the south.  You can only understand this statement if you have been here.  In September, while other states are enjoying cooler weather and sitting outside around a fire pit, we here in Louisiana are sweating, running our air conditioning on 68 degrees and swatting at flies.  Yea sure, when these cooler climates are snowed in and freezing to death we are bragging about still wearing shorts and flip-flops, but the heat of early fall here has the last laugh.  That's why, when offered to use a friend's house in Breckenridge, Colorado for a week we jumped at the opportunity!

We left the sweltering heat and landed in Denver where we took a transfer up to 10.000 feet in Breckenridge.  When we got out of the vehicle the air was already cool and crisp with a humidity level of only 18%.  It was an instant relief.  That is until I was struck with altitude sickness.  I was expecting this so was prepared on this first day, armed with Tylenol, Yogi Ginger Tea and a little oxygen.  By the next morning I was feeling much better and ready to conquer the day with a little hike.

                                     This was our view upon rising, every single morning.

This first hike was not a difficult one.  We took our time and made our way along the trail, hubby pointing out animal tracks and I taking in the scenery. We stopped along the way to eat a snack and just enjoy being able to enjoy the outdoors.

      Hubby bought my these Hoka hiking shoes before we left so I felt like a "real" hiker!

I actually took note of the signs on this visit and learned how to read about everything concerning the trails I would be hiking.
                                            He lead, I followed.  It's usually best that way.
                       Of course, I'm always snapping photos.  He's getting used to it.  Sorta.
Looking at the animal tracks along the way I wasn't too afraid.  Until mention of a bear came up.  But this cute little chipmunk let us creep right upon him to capture a photo.  Look carefully because he blends in really well with the rocks.

We ended our hike and then set out for a bit of a jeep ride that afternoon, ending with this gorgeous view.

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