Essential Oil DIY Air Freshener Recipes

I don't know about you but I am hooked on my essential oils.  I love everything about them.  How they are good for my health, my environment and such a great alternative to using candles since their scents have such wonderful benefits.  So, you can only imagine how excited I am to share with you today, 10 DIY Air Freshener Recipes made out of essential oils!

                                        DIY ESSENTIAL OIL AIR FRESHENER RECIPES

To make your own homemade air freshener to use around the house just follow the steps below. It’s incredibly easy. Once you get the hang of it you can mix and match scents and play with the strength of the concoction!

To make these air fresheners you will need a base of 3 ingredients, and then you will swap out the scents as you wish. You will want a spray bottle that fits 8 ounces, a funnel, distilled water (if you don’t have distilled, tap is fine), and two tablespoons of either 60+ proof vodka or rubbing alcohol. Vodka and rubbing alcohol both have ethanol which is used to solubilize (or dissolve) the oil into the water and acts as a preservative. They also have mild disinfectant properties.

Next, you will want to pick the scent you will be using. Citrus scents will feel more invigorating and refreshing, while scents like lavender and chamomile can be soothing. Mix and match until you find a scent that is uniquely yours.

Finally, just grab the spray bottle and use the funnel to pour in about 1 cup of water. You can double the recipe if you want to make 2 cups of air freshener or find the smell too overpowering. Lastly, drop in the prescribed amount of essential oil and shake it up.

That sounds easy enough, doesn't it?  Now, for the recipes.  I am only sharing a few of my favorites but remember, there are 10 recipes in all.

Notice that each recipe is unique in that it not only freshens your home but it also has properties that create a certain "feeling" within you.  This Grapefruit, Tangerine, Lime has a scent that will all energize you.

                               Lavender Chamomile is good for relaxation.

And if you want just a fresh, clean scent, this Lemon-Basil recipe should do it for you.

There are so many benefits from using essential oils so why not jump in and give them a try by creating some of these great air freshener recipes.  There is also a button where you can DOWNLOAD each recipe and keep in handy in a file. 

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