Fall Bath & Body Works Candle GIVEAWAY!

To me...because I live in the south and it stays hot here even when its fall other places...nothing says FALL like a wonderfully scented fall candle.  It puts me in the mood for cooler weather (even if that means just turning my air conditioner down to 67 degrees) and fall decorating.  And since it is one of my most FAVORITE times of the year I have decided to do a FALL GIVEAWAY!
And THIS is what I am giving away!  I just can't wait every year until this candle comes out and Bath and Body Works will tell you that it's one of their BEST SELLING CANDLES;  Pumpkin Pecan Waffles.  OK, seriously folks, this candle smells so good you are going to want to get up and make some pumpkin pecan waffles to eat!  This is the large 3-wick candle and it will last for such a long time.  I mean, really...who wouldn't want this?!  For FREE at that!

Here are the RULES to enter this GIVEAWAY:

1.  You MUST "Join this Site".  There is a button right here on the blog that says that.  Click on it and
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2.  After you have "Joined the Site" you MUST comment on THIS post in the comment section with
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That's all you have to do.  Please rest assured that your e-mail address will NOT be shared with ANYONE; it is only so I will know that you are eligible for the GIVEAWAY and to contact you in case you are the WINNER of the GIVEAWAY.

Last month I gave away an awesome Yeti Cup and this month one of my favorite candles...who knows what GIVEAWAY November will bring...Sign up now because I will ANNOUNCE THE WINNER on OCTOBER 12TH!

Birthday Weekend With My BIG, FAT FAMILY!

This past weekend was my oldest son, Justin's, birthday.  It's difficult to believe that this 32 year old man was the tiny little baby who made me a mommy.  Where did the time go?!  And since birthdays are sorta a BIG DEAL around here, we began our celebration on Saturday morning.  I know what you're thinking...Saturday MORNING?!  Well, you see, the LSU football game was televised at 11 a.m. and, of course,  LSU football is also a very important part of our lives here in Louisiana in the fall.  Therefore...a "Football Centered Birthday Party"!

Hubby had just gotten back from a 2 day fishing trip down south where he literally brought back TONS of fresh fish and shrimp.  So what better to fix for a Football/Birthday Party than some fried fish and boiled shrimp.

 This party was held at Justin and Sarah's house and the game was playing on 3 TELEVISIONS in 3 DIFFERENT ROOMS...Just to make sure that one didn't miss a play should they need to leave the room they were in for a moment or two.
And for a moment just think...PURPLE and GOLD.  Yep, EVERYONE, from the youngest to the oldest wears their LSU colors on GAME DAY!

Then, Sunday it was my turn.  I call it "FAITH, FAMILY and FOOD DAY" around here.  We all start our day off at church, followed by a big family meal at my house.  Since it was Justin's birthday, I let him choose what lunch would be.  Homemade Pizzas was what he requested.  I made the dough the night before and had enough for 8 pizzas!  Trust me...we need this many.
       They're a little messy to make but OH, SO GOOD!  Especially when cook on our Green Egg.

Yes...Those are eggs you see cracked on that pizza.  It was the last one we made and because Hubby and the guys had seen an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives where they cracked eggs on top of a pizza, they had to try it too!
And what meal is not complete with a dessert?!  Allison offered to make the BIRTHDAY DESSERT of KEY LIME PIE.  This pie went FAST!!!  It was SO YUMMY that I told her she could bring 2 for Thanksgiving lunch.
And if we dress for the Tigers on Saturday, we sure do dress for the Saints on Sunday!  These two little ones (with their Mimi) look so much alike and just LOVE playing with each other already.

It was a wonderful weekend around here and today I'm already gearing up for fall.  You heard me right!  It might be humid as all get out today (Because it is hopefully supposed to start raining today) but I'm ready to get all my fall decorations out and get ready for that cooler weather!  Watch the blog this week because I am going to be doing a FALL GIVEAWAY too...


Memories of My Cleveland Fall Trip 2015

WHEW!  I just now finally got a minute to sit down and write.  I woke up bright and early Saturday morning (3 a.m.) to fly back home.  Beckett was here to stay with us because David and Codi were going to New York for a few day and the minute my plane landed I got a text from Hubby to run by the pharmacy.  OK..."So, do we have any food at home?", I asked.  We had both been gone for 10 days; he in Colorado camping and me in Cleveland playing with Caitlin and Holli Bug.  Well, you can guess what the answer was to the food question.  So, instead of just running through the drive-thru pharmacy window I parked, went inside and grocery shopped (ugh...).  I don't really care for grocery shopping on a good day but I was already feeling like I needed a nap but HEY...we had to eat; we might not need food but I was pretty sure the grandson couldn't go five days without eating...

So, let me pick up where I left off...I think it was the wonderful day that we had at the Johnny Appleseed Festival.  I know a lot of you followed me on Instagram (BARBARAROGENMOSER) to see some of the photos I took while in Cleveland since I was posting from my i-pad and unable to post photos on my blog.  If you didn't follow me yet, you might want to do so soon since I will be traveling to France the first week of November and posting LOTS of photos from there on Instagram!  OK...I got off on a rabbit trail...let me get back to finishing up my Cleveland trip.  I left you at the Johnny Appleseed Festival among the corn maze I believe...

                                              OK, so that day was truly FANTASTICAL!
                                              (That's both FANTASTIC and MAGICAL.)

I suppose that we were trying to get everything in that we could before Andrew came so we pressed on the next day by making a little road trip to Columbus.  It takes about two hours to get there from Caitlin's house but was well worth the trip..YEP...we girls pretty much shopped until we dropped!
And what is a girls' shopping trip without a Starbuck's to sip on.  Now before some of you start getting all up in the air about a two year old drinking coffee...it was an ICED DECAF.  Seriously...do y'all think we're THAT crazy?! (geeze...)
                                                                 We took a few selfies.
                                                 And threw a few stones in the fountain.
                         And shopped and ate dinner out and got back home after ten o'clock!

We needed to key it down a little after that HUGE day of Retail Therapy and decided to go hiking through the Nature Center near Caitlin's house.

I suppose you can tell how much I enjoyed the Nature Center by the number of photos I took out there!  I was so nice and peaceful and I really didn't realized until we were heading back to the car that we had hiked for about three hours!  My legs, however, knew it had been that long because I got some pretty outstanding legs cramps during the night.

The next day we decided to take it kinda easy...because of those legs cramps I had the night before.  So we took Holli to the pet store to love on some animals...
This little 8 week old, long-haired Doxie gave us "The Look".  No, we didn't bring him home with us but I sure could have!

And no Cleveland trip is complete without a couple of things:  A trip down to Crocker Park (several times...) AND a trip to Nordstrom's.  Yes...we did both!  Just not on the same day...
Crocker Park.  Ahhh...so beautiful and relaxing.  Outdoor bistros and benches, chairs and couches everywhere to sit.  Just a lovely day.
                                                                    Diva perhaps?!

  Yes...she's re-applying lip gloss! (These are from Little Cosmetics.  Check them out!  They look and feel like "real" cosmetics but that's all...they do not put anything on the skin and little girls just LOVE

On my last day there we went to Nordstrom's in Beachwood.  Nordstrom's...I could spend a week in that store.  We, of course, had to eat at the Nordstrom Cafe'.  We HAD to...
  We started the day out with coffee in bed...Yes, we're just a LITTLE obsessed with our coffee.
           And if one is making a trip to Nordstrom's, one MUST have their toenails polished.
When we walked in the front door Holli said, "I go find Nemo?"  She was referring to the fish tank in the children's shoe department.  You think she's been here a few time?!  OH...notice that cute little purse hanging around her neck.  I bought that for her in Columbus.  She carried it EVERYWHERE  we went.  And had coins, lip gloss and who knows what else in there.
                                                She found Nemo AND the coloring table.
                                                     We ALL found the Nordstrom Cafe'.
                       And I had to get a snapshot of Caitlin, Holli...and Baby Andrew in tow.

It was hard getting up at 3 in the morning the next day to leave but even harder leaving my girls behind.  Ten days seems like a long time but it really isn't whenever you only get a week here and a week there.  Oh, I will be back in October in time for the arrival of Andrew but until then I will miss these two terribly...


Fall Temperatures and the Johnny Appleseed Festival

Saturday was a rainy day here in Cleveland as we watched the temperatures outside drop to fall-like weather.  We didn't do much but we did get out to pick up a few crafting supplies...and get some Starbucks lattes!  We snuggled down in the evening, watching television and also playing with Holli Bug.  I introduced her to "Madeline" (Did I mention I bought her an adorable Madeline tea set?).  She had a Madeline book and we read it over and over...and over.  But I didn't care.  That's what YaYa's do, isn't it?

When we woke up this morning, the sun was out and the temperatures were cool. It was windy and cool enough for us to don long pants, shirts and jackets; I loved it!  This felt like fall.  We headed out to the 42nd annual Johnny Appleseed Festival.  I went to this last year with Caitlin and Holli when I was here but this year she was able to do so much more...It was super FUN!

Besides eating roasted turkey legs the size of our heads, we took a horse-drawn wagon ride through the apple orchards, rode a super slide down the side of a hill, wandered through several corn mazes and played in a tee-pee.  I have to admit that this is the best I've felt in a while.  I think getting outside in the cooler temperatures really agrees with me.  And, although we spent hours there and walked literally miles, I didn't feel exhausted.

As I sit here writing this, with "Alice in Wonderland" playing in the background, I feel content, at peace and perfectly relaxed.  I believe doctors need to prescribe these type of activities for most of their patients.  We get busy and caught up in our daily routines and somewhere in there forget how to just slow down and enjoy the things God gave us.

Remember if you would like to view the photos I'm taking on my trip you can FOLLOW me on Instagram at BARBARAROGENMOSER.

Tomorrow we will be taking a little road trip to Columbus...Yay!


Enjoying Nature While in Cleveland

If you've never visited the Cleveland area I'm sure you're thinking:  Big city, lots of traffic and much busyness.  And you would be correct, however, there are also outer lying areas that are just full of gorgeous nature trails.  There are lovely covered bridges and stone ones that stand overlooking cozy bubbling creeks and today we set out to enjoy some of those peaceful spots.

Our destination today was the lazy little town of Olmsted Falls.  We parked just outside a lovely covered bridge (photo on Instagram) and I captured Holli running through it.  We took the walking trail and wandered through the woodsy area to a stream.  Once there we walked across the rocks and through the trickling water where Holli quickly grabbed a stick to splash around with.  It was perfectly peaceful and just what I needed.

After hiking for a while, we decided to make our way through the quaint little town and find somewhere to eat lunch.  The weather was so mild that we were able to dine outside at a nice little tea room (photos on Instagram).  Since sipping a cup of hot tea is one of my favorite things to do I purchased a few flavors of the loose tea leaves. I was a happy girl with this purchase!

Before we headed home we made a trip to my favorite yarn shop that I ALWAYS visit while in the Cleveland area.  When I walk in there I'm like a kid in a candy shop...I WANT EVERYTHING and I wander around drooling over all the pretty things. And I'll admit that I've never left that shop empty handed either.

Returning home after a perfectly relaxing day outdoors and my treasures in hand, the sky opened up with rain and the air became cooler and I determined this evening would be perfect for making my homemade cinnamon rolls.  So, I sit here with my girls again, actually snuggled up with Holli Bug, waiting for my timer to go off so I can roll those cinnamon rolls out and bake them.  Ahhh...I can already smell the buttery, cinnamon sweet aroma.

I hope you're all planning on having a great weekend because I sure am and can't wait to share it with you!  So, until tomorrow, if you want to view photos of our fun day you can FOLLOW me on INSTAGRAM @ BARBARAROGENMOSER


Taking a Break in Cleveland

Yesterday I got up at 3:55...Yes, you heard me right...3:55 in the morning to fly out to Cleveland for 10 days.  My plan is to relax, recharge and spend lots of time outside with my daughter and granddaughter.

Today we got up and decided to spend the entire day at the Cleveland Zoo.  The weather was so nice, unlike the hot and humid weather we are still having in Louisiana and I just soaked it up.  I soaked up the sun, the cool breeze, the animals, talking with my girls.  It was a wonderful day.  

I'm slowing down and recharging because these past couple of months I have been stressed out a good deal of the time and I need to stop and remember what life is all about and enjoy it.  We all, from time to time get so caught up in our daily lives that we simply forget to stop and just enjoy the simplicity of life.  That's what my focus is going to be for 10 days.  And the very thought of it brings joy and peace to my soul.

Now, I decided not to bring my computer on this trip, only my I-Pad...that is why you will not find any photos on this or any other post I will make while here.  Yes, I brought my camera and intend to take some fabulous photos while here which I will share when I return home.  However, if you want to see some of the really fun places I'm visiting and fun things I'm doing, please FOLLOW ME on INSTAGRAM @ BARBARAROGENMOSER.  The photos you will find on there today are of our zoo trip.  We rode the train and I got up close and personal with a giraffe AND a goat (and yes...I STILL want a goat!).  

I hope you will follow me along on this trip...

A Name For "Number 6" and a Sneak Peek Into His Nursery

"Number 6" is due to arrive on October 29 and FINALLY we have a name:  ANDREW GREY JARRELL.  And I'm hoping this little guy arrives on time because Hubby and I, along with friends,  are to set sail on the Viking Cruise Line for a tour of France on November 5th.  Yes, we have insurance on our trip and Yes, I'm a little freaked out about the close time line.  However, I have learned one thing over the years:  "It is what it is..."

Caitlin has been working on Andrew's nursery and the theme is vintage.  Those of you who followed her wedding know that this girl loves vintage and now she has taken off with this theme for the nursery and the photos she has been sending me are just adorable.  So adorable that I'm sharing a little "sneak peek" with you of all the cuteness.

The first thing that was done was to paint the walls of one of the guest bedrooms that would now be the new nursery...
 He will be using the same baby furniture that Poppi made for Holli.  She is now in a "Big Bed" and this white furniture looks just as wonderful for a little boy's themed room too.

                             Cute new shelves were constructed and hung on the walls of his nursery.

                 In keeping with the "vintage" theme, these shelves hold vintage toys, bottles and baskets.
                    And the wall are filled with a collage of assorted paintings and collectibles.

I will be traveling to Ohio this week and with me I will have the two watercolors that I pained to add to the walls along with the sheep blanket I knitted to the crib.  And then all we will need is a baby...
                                                      We can't wait to meet you, Andrew.