Birthday Weekend With My BIG, FAT FAMILY!

This past weekend was my oldest son, Justin's, birthday.  It's difficult to believe that this 32 year old man was the tiny little baby who made me a mommy.  Where did the time go?!  And since birthdays are sorta a BIG DEAL around here, we began our celebration on Saturday morning.  I know what you're thinking...Saturday MORNING?!  Well, you see, the LSU football game was televised at 11 a.m. and, of course,  LSU football is also a very important part of our lives here in Louisiana in the fall.  Therefore...a "Football Centered Birthday Party"!

Hubby had just gotten back from a 2 day fishing trip down south where he literally brought back TONS of fresh fish and shrimp.  So what better to fix for a Football/Birthday Party than some fried fish and boiled shrimp.

 This party was held at Justin and Sarah's house and the game was playing on 3 TELEVISIONS in 3 DIFFERENT ROOMS...Just to make sure that one didn't miss a play should they need to leave the room they were in for a moment or two.
And for a moment just think...PURPLE and GOLD.  Yep, EVERYONE, from the youngest to the oldest wears their LSU colors on GAME DAY!

Then, Sunday it was my turn.  I call it "FAITH, FAMILY and FOOD DAY" around here.  We all start our day off at church, followed by a big family meal at my house.  Since it was Justin's birthday, I let him choose what lunch would be.  Homemade Pizzas was what he requested.  I made the dough the night before and had enough for 8 pizzas!  Trust me...we need this many.
       They're a little messy to make but OH, SO GOOD!  Especially when cook on our Green Egg.

Yes...Those are eggs you see cracked on that pizza.  It was the last one we made and because Hubby and the guys had seen an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives where they cracked eggs on top of a pizza, they had to try it too!
And what meal is not complete with a dessert?!  Allison offered to make the BIRTHDAY DESSERT of KEY LIME PIE.  This pie went FAST!!!  It was SO YUMMY that I told her she could bring 2 for Thanksgiving lunch.
And if we dress for the Tigers on Saturday, we sure do dress for the Saints on Sunday!  These two little ones (with their Mimi) look so much alike and just LOVE playing with each other already.

It was a wonderful weekend around here and today I'm already gearing up for fall.  You heard me right!  It might be humid as all get out today (Because it is hopefully supposed to start raining today) but I'm ready to get all my fall decorations out and get ready for that cooler weather!  Watch the blog this week because I am going to be doing a FALL GIVEAWAY too...

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