Memories of My Cleveland Fall Trip 2015

WHEW!  I just now finally got a minute to sit down and write.  I woke up bright and early Saturday morning (3 a.m.) to fly back home.  Beckett was here to stay with us because David and Codi were going to New York for a few day and the minute my plane landed I got a text from Hubby to run by the pharmacy.  OK..."So, do we have any food at home?", I asked.  We had both been gone for 10 days; he in Colorado camping and me in Cleveland playing with Caitlin and Holli Bug.  Well, you can guess what the answer was to the food question.  So, instead of just running through the drive-thru pharmacy window I parked, went inside and grocery shopped (ugh...).  I don't really care for grocery shopping on a good day but I was already feeling like I needed a nap but HEY...we had to eat; we might not need food but I was pretty sure the grandson couldn't go five days without eating...

So, let me pick up where I left off...I think it was the wonderful day that we had at the Johnny Appleseed Festival.  I know a lot of you followed me on Instagram (BARBARAROGENMOSER) to see some of the photos I took while in Cleveland since I was posting from my i-pad and unable to post photos on my blog.  If you didn't follow me yet, you might want to do so soon since I will be traveling to France the first week of November and posting LOTS of photos from there on Instagram!  OK...I got off on a rabbit trail...let me get back to finishing up my Cleveland trip.  I left you at the Johnny Appleseed Festival among the corn maze I believe...

                                              OK, so that day was truly FANTASTICAL!
                                              (That's both FANTASTIC and MAGICAL.)

I suppose that we were trying to get everything in that we could before Andrew came so we pressed on the next day by making a little road trip to Columbus.  It takes about two hours to get there from Caitlin's house but was well worth the trip..YEP...we girls pretty much shopped until we dropped!
And what is a girls' shopping trip without a Starbuck's to sip on.  Now before some of you start getting all up in the air about a two year old drinking was an ICED DECAF. y'all think we're THAT crazy?! (geeze...)
                                                                 We took a few selfies.
                                                 And threw a few stones in the fountain.
                         And shopped and ate dinner out and got back home after ten o'clock!

We needed to key it down a little after that HUGE day of Retail Therapy and decided to go hiking through the Nature Center near Caitlin's house.

I suppose you can tell how much I enjoyed the Nature Center by the number of photos I took out there!  I was so nice and peaceful and I really didn't realized until we were heading back to the car that we had hiked for about three hours!  My legs, however, knew it had been that long because I got some pretty outstanding legs cramps during the night.

The next day we decided to take it kinda easy...because of those legs cramps I had the night before.  So we took Holli to the pet store to love on some animals...
This little 8 week old, long-haired Doxie gave us "The Look".  No, we didn't bring him home with us but I sure could have!

And no Cleveland trip is complete without a couple of things:  A trip down to Crocker Park (several times...) AND a trip to Nordstrom's.  Yes...we did both!  Just not on the same day...
Crocker Park. beautiful and relaxing.  Outdoor bistros and benches, chairs and couches everywhere to sit.  Just a lovely day.
                                                                    Diva perhaps?!

  Yes...she's re-applying lip gloss! (These are from Little Cosmetics.  Check them out!  They look and feel like "real" cosmetics but that's all...they do not put anything on the skin and little girls just LOVE

On my last day there we went to Nordstrom's in Beachwood.  Nordstrom's...I could spend a week in that store.  We, of course, had to eat at the Nordstrom Cafe'.  We HAD to...
  We started the day out with coffee in bed...Yes, we're just a LITTLE obsessed with our coffee.
           And if one is making a trip to Nordstrom's, one MUST have their toenails polished.
When we walked in the front door Holli said, "I go find Nemo?"  She was referring to the fish tank in the children's shoe department.  You think she's been here a few time?!  OH...notice that cute little purse hanging around her neck.  I bought that for her in Columbus.  She carried it EVERYWHERE  we went.  And had coins, lip gloss and who knows what else in there.
                                                She found Nemo AND the coloring table.
                                                     We ALL found the Nordstrom Cafe'.
                       And I had to get a snapshot of Caitlin, Holli...and Baby Andrew in tow.

It was hard getting up at 3 in the morning the next day to leave but even harder leaving my girls behind.  Ten days seems like a long time but it really isn't whenever you only get a week here and a week there.  Oh, I will be back in October in time for the arrival of Andrew but until then I will miss these two terribly...

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