Fall Temperatures and the Johnny Appleseed Festival

Saturday was a rainy day here in Cleveland as we watched the temperatures outside drop to fall-like weather.  We didn't do much but we did get out to pick up a few crafting supplies...and get some Starbucks lattes!  We snuggled down in the evening, watching television and also playing with Holli Bug.  I introduced her to "Madeline" (Did I mention I bought her an adorable Madeline tea set?).  She had a Madeline book and we read it over and over...and over.  But I didn't care.  That's what YaYa's do, isn't it?

When we woke up this morning, the sun was out and the temperatures were cool. It was windy and cool enough for us to don long pants, shirts and jackets; I loved it!  This felt like fall.  We headed out to the 42nd annual Johnny Appleseed Festival.  I went to this last year with Caitlin and Holli when I was here but this year she was able to do so much more...It was super FUN!

Besides eating roasted turkey legs the size of our heads, we took a horse-drawn wagon ride through the apple orchards, rode a super slide down the side of a hill, wandered through several corn mazes and played in a tee-pee.  I have to admit that this is the best I've felt in a while.  I think getting outside in the cooler temperatures really agrees with me.  And, although we spent hours there and walked literally miles, I didn't feel exhausted.

As I sit here writing this, with "Alice in Wonderland" playing in the background, I feel content, at peace and perfectly relaxed.  I believe doctors need to prescribe these type of activities for most of their patients.  We get busy and caught up in our daily routines and somewhere in there forget how to just slow down and enjoy the things God gave us.

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Tomorrow we will be taking a little road trip to Columbus...Yay!


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    1. Thanks for reading the blog AND the recommendation! We LOVE California and are thinking of visiting there again soon.