A Name For "Number 6" and a Sneak Peek Into His Nursery

"Number 6" is due to arrive on October 29 and FINALLY we have a name:  ANDREW GREY JARRELL.  And I'm hoping this little guy arrives on time because Hubby and I, along with friends,  are to set sail on the Viking Cruise Line for a tour of France on November 5th.  Yes, we have insurance on our trip and Yes, I'm a little freaked out about the close time line.  However, I have learned one thing over the years:  "It is what it is..."

Caitlin has been working on Andrew's nursery and the theme is vintage.  Those of you who followed her wedding know that this girl loves vintage and now she has taken off with this theme for the nursery and the photos she has been sending me are just adorable.  So adorable that I'm sharing a little "sneak peek" with you of all the cuteness.

The first thing that was done was to paint the walls of one of the guest bedrooms that would now be the new nursery...
 He will be using the same baby furniture that Poppi made for Holli.  She is now in a "Big Bed" and this white furniture looks just as wonderful for a little boy's themed room too.

                             Cute new shelves were constructed and hung on the walls of his nursery.

                 In keeping with the "vintage" theme, these shelves hold vintage toys, bottles and baskets.
                    And the wall are filled with a collage of assorted paintings and collectibles.

I will be traveling to Ohio this week and with me I will have the two watercolors that I pained to add to the walls along with the sheep blanket I knitted to the crib.  And then all we will need is a baby...
                                                      We can't wait to meet you, Andrew.

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