I Told You Dental Implants Were No "Quick Fix"!

Yesterday Robby and I traveled to Shreveport for yet another dental appointment concerning my dental implants.  I thought I was only going for another set of impressions before the placement of my implants, however, when I arrived, I discovered that both of my implants and one of my other two crowns were ready for placement.

If you recall, it has been a little over a year since I had that horrible bone graft done and each procedure has taken months to heal until it is finally time to put my implants in.  Although I was excited to have some teeth back there (We never put a temporary back in after I swallowed the last one with a bite of my Subway sandwich...), I had made an afternoon appointment so Robby would come with me and we could look at some patio furniture to go around the pool and outside the new pool house.  Now, he would have to either sit around and wait on me or go bum around town for a while.

Well, Robby chose to go bum around town and thankfully so since I was in that dental chair for TWO HOURS (ugh!)!  By the end of those two hours, my jaw was hurting just from holding it open so long.  Unfortunately, the gum area around one of the implants had grown up around it and it had to be lasered away.  Yes, I panicked there for a minute, knowing that I was going to have an injection.  I made it through that and at the end of two hours I had three of my four teeth done!  This was exciting for me because just imagine for a second eating on one side of your mouth for over a year.

Since it was late in the afternoon by the time I finished up, Robby and I not only went to look at patio furniture but we also ate out in Bossier City.  We didn't arrive back home until 9 p.m....just in time for that numbness to be worn off...and start throbbing (sigh...).  I took some Advil (I told you there was a reason I kept it in my window sill...) and went to bed.  But I'm not complaining too much because that little bit of throbbing was nothing compared to the week-long pain I had last year with the bone graft.  I am just thankful that I only have one appointment left and this will all be over with.  Even if it wasn't a "Quick Fix"!

Time To Start Trying Those Pinterest and Facebook Ideas!

I am a Pinterest and Facebook collector.  I browse and collect ideas and recipes.  Browse and collect, browse and collect.  This past weekend I decided to look up a few of those collected ideas and try them out.  Here's the results...

The first thing I decided to try out was a recipe that I had seen rolling by on my Facebook page and saved; it was a recipe for mini peach cobblers.  The thing that made me decide on this project first was when my mother-in-law went to the Peach Festival in Ruston, Louisiana (if you've never had Ruston Peaches then you've missed some of the BEST peaches around!).  Stopping at my house on her way home, she dropped off a small bag of those peaches and I immediately remembered that recipe; we would have those for dessert!

Now, I'm a real recipe follower.  I don't consider myself a good enough cook to throw a pinch of this or that in or not use my measuring spoons and cups, so I got out everything required to make these mini peach cobblers and set to work.  Here's what you will need if you would also like to try out this yummy summer treat:
                                                  MINI PEACH COBBLERS
1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Flour
2 Teaspoon Baking Powder
Dash of Salt
3/4 Cup Milk
1/2 Cup (1 Stick) Butter, Melted
Brown Sugar
1 Can Peaches, Diced

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Put 1 teaspoon of melted butter into each regular size muffin tin.
With a wooden spoon stir together the sugar, flour, baking powder, salt and milk.
Put 2 tablespoons of batter into each muffin tin.
Add 1 tablespoon diced peaches on top of the batter.
Sprinkle with brown sugar and then cinnamon.
Bake for 12 minutes.
Let them cool almost completely before taking out of pan. Use a butter knife to loosen the edges then just lift them out.

After baking these little peach cobblers, I decided that ramekins would be better for baking them since the muffin tins overflowed, although I used only the 2 tablespoons of batter.  And if you can get your hands on FRESH peaches I'm sure they are much better than the canned ones.  Also, the baking time took longer than the 12 minutes the recipe said it would take.  Just watch them and when the dough gets done it will turn a golden brown.  I also chose to serve my mini peach cobblers with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top!

The next idea I chose to try was a pedicure that I had seen on Pinterest.  I really wanted to try it the last time I got a pedicure but didn't think it would be appropriate to wear for Ryan and Allison's wedding.  So this week when it was pedicure time again I took my I-Pad in with me and asked them to recreate my pinned Pinterest idea!

The third idea I tried was another recipe that had rolled past me on Facebook.  It was these single serve Hot Chocolate Chip Microwave Cookies.

  • 1 tablespoon (14g) unsalted butter
  • 1 tablespoon (13g) caster sugar
  • 1 tablespoon (13g) dark brown sugar
  • ⅛ teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • small pinch salt
  • 1 egg yolk, room temp if possible, but not necessary
  • 3 tablespoons (30g) plain flour
  • 2 heaping tablespoons (30g) dark/semisweet chocolate chips
  1. Choose a microwave-safe mug/ramekin/small bowl. It doesn’t have to be large, as the cookie doesn’t rise like microwave cakes do, if at all.
  2. Place the butter in the mug and melt in the microwave; do this in 15 second intervals at about 70% power (it should be melted, not boiling). When you have small bits of butter remaining, take it out of the microwave and gently swirl, or stir, the butter until the bits have melted.
  3. To the melted butter, add sugars, vanilla and salt. Stir well.
  4. Add the egg yolk and stir well to combine.
  5. Add the flour, and stir until combined. The consistency of the dough should be similar to real cookie dough; if it’s too runny, add a touch more flour until the consistency is firmer, or if it’s too stiff, add a splash of milk.
  6. Add the chocolate chips and stir to evenly distribute throughout the dough. Flatten the surface of the dough with the back of the spoon.
  7. Microwave at about 70% power for 30-40 seconds. Do not overcook. For your first time, only cook for 30 seconds; if it’s still looking quite wet on top, microwave at 70% power for another 10 seconds. The cookie will continue to cook once it’s removed from the microwave, and it will be very hot.
  8. If you overcook it, it will be become dry and hard, so always err on the side of less cooking time.
I also made this dessert exactly as instructed and it turned out PERFECTLY!  Make sure that you start and continue cooking at 15 second intervals until the cookie is done.  The only thing that I did differently was to top that hot cookie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Such a quick, yummy dessert!
  Well, so far, so good for my Pinterest and Facebook experiments.  I sorta like trying all of these really cool ideas I've been collecting forever!

What's In YOUR Kitchen Window Sill?

I'm that person who attempts to keep things neat and organized, however, I still have those junk drawers, papers hanging from my refrigerator by various magnets and...things sitting in my kitchen window sill.

Now matter how I try, things just seem to continue to find their way back to my kitchen window sill.  Whenever someone is sick, all the medicine ends up there until long after the illness is gone.  And then there are those things that end up there just because of convenience, like my jewelry while washing dishes.  I truly LIKE to have a cleaned out window sill but alas it never stays that way for long.  Right now I have just a few things sitting there and I justify them being there because of their continual use and convenience for me; here they are...

Let's start with the white item on the far left.  That is a Fat Loss Monitor.  Whenever I started dieting and exercising, I decided to keep up with my BMI and fat loss.  I don't use this every day, but often enough to justify it being in my kitchen window sill.  To date I have lost over 10 percent body fat and can happily say that I am finally in my "normal" BMI zone (yippee...yahoo...and all that stuff!).

Moving down the window sill you can find my Advil.  I think that item is pretty self-explanatory; head aches, TMJ pain, soreness from working out.  Keeping it in the kitchen window sill means that I don't have to go searching for it whenever I need it.

The next item is my Bliss Body Butter in Blood Orange & White Pepper scent.  I LOVE this lotion!  Not only is is super moisturizing but it smells wonderful and lasts FOREVER.  Gotta keep it close to where I wash the dishes!

And the last items you can find in my window sill right now are two, fresh, ripe tomatoes.  This time of year is one of my favorites since it brings LOTS of fresh fruits and vegetables to our many produce stands around the area.  One such stand just happens to be at the end of our road and I love stopping to grab whatever fresh vegetables are available!

Try as I might, I am just one of those people who cannot keep things out of my kitchen window sill.  However, it IS MY window sill and I suppose I can keep anything there I choose to.  What's in YOUR kitchen window sill??


A BIG, HOT Mess: The South AND My Back Yard Renovation Project!

I'm told yesterday was the first day of summer.  Hmmm...NO KIDDING!  We southerners are MELTING down here.  It is not so much the near hundred degree temperatures but the humidity that goes along with them; our air conditioners are working overtime and I've got the newest utility bill to prove that.  OK...Here's your opportunity to tell me, "I told you so" if you want to.  When I was up there in Cleveland complaining about how miserably cold it was, I knew this day was coming...and it is definitely here...IT'S "OFFICIALLY" SUMMER!

A couple of days ago, Robby called me on my way home and asked if I wanted to go out to a barge he has to fish.  I told him I would but as I continued my ride home, I thought about it a little more and by the time I opened the door to my kitchen I told him that I had decided I would just stay home and start supper while he went out there.  He looked at me like a little kid, disappointed because I told him his best friend couldn't spend the night.  HEY...That look wasn't gonna get to me; it was WAY TOO HOT outside for me to even consider going fishing!  That, however, didn't stop him from trying to change my mind.  He told me the barge was covered, therefore, it wouldn't be as hot.  I simply turned around, looked at him and asked, "Is it air conditioned?"  He and Justin burst out laughing, thinking I was joking.  I was not joking; that was the ONLY way I was getting out there in that heat.

As I said, it is not only the heat but the humidity as well that makes it so miserable here.  And since it is now hurricane season, the rain has begun.  Most days it feels like a rain forest, where the temperature and humidity continue to rise until the thunder begins and then the rain.  The rain is a welcome relief from the heat...except when one is right in the middle of a back yard renovation project (ugh...).

At first there was dirt everywhere you looked.  Under the carport, on our shoes, in the car, on my kitchen floor.  You get the idea; with all of that bulldozer work and clearing out, the dirt was expected.  However, when the rain began, all of that dirt turned to mud.  The construction crew continued to work on forms and prepare for the concrete pour, which was scheduled for Wednesday.  We had two separate companies coming to do finish work and Robby kept checking the weather, while the finishers continued to call and ask if we were still going to pour on schedule.  I heard him tell them, "If I waited for it not to rain here in Louisiana, I would be waiting for a long time."  The pour would go off as scheduled.

Oh, rain it did on Wednesday; three separate times, in fact.  But we did get the concrete poured (yay!) and Phase 2 of this "Backyard Renovation Project" is done!  Here are some photographs I took of the progress...

 The forms for the concrete started going up and we decided to make an area through part of an existing flower bed and around the hot tub.
               As you can see, it took LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of dirt for this project!
                               And then it was finally time for the rainy day concrete pour.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the stained concrete that was poured around the pool. We decided on it to blend in with the rocks surrounding the pool and hot tub.  There, in the distance, is the slab for the pool house!  I'm told this project will take about 6 more weeks to complete...We'll see about that.  Phase 3, construction of the pool house,  will begin on Monday.


Post Wedding Let Down...

"Post Wedding Let Down" is nothing new to me and I suspect other mothers.  It is what happens after the big day has come and gone.  The bride and groom are happily on their honeymoon and mom is left to think about how her little baby has grown up and moved on.  I like to compare it to postpartum depression experienced by new mothers, except that thankfully it only lasts about twenty-four hours.  But for those twenty-four hours, all you can think about is...the past.

For each of my boys' rehearsal dinners, I have created a collage of baby pictures.  Baby pictures of the bride and groom.  I copy them all to black and white, frame them in a black frame and then place the frame on an easel at the entry of the room where the dinner is to be held.  At the end of the evening, I give the bride and groom this collage as a gift to hang in their new home.  As I begin looking through old photographs, this "Post Wedding Let Down Syndrome" sort of starts.  I get caught up in looking at old pictures and before you know it, I find myself sitting in the middle of the floor surrounded not only by photographs, but many memories as well.

I found the pictures that I wanted to use of Ryan for their collage and I also found this old photograph of Robby and me...

 Parker Ann walked in and I asked her if she knew who these people were.  She looked confused...very confused.

Knowing that this let down feeling is coming and normal is of slight consolation.  We traveled home from Texas on Sunday, Father's Day.  This is also an odd day for me since my own father passed away before I even entered the first grade.  In addition to that, I was dreading having to put Caitlin, Kevin and Holli on a plane Tuesday morning to go back to Ohio.  It would be just Robby and me again; back to our daily routine.

                            Me and my dad on the only vacation we ever got to take together.
                                    Parker Ann and Holli were dressed alike on Father's Day.

When we got home, I got in as much snuggle time with Holli (whom I now call my "Baby Luv").  Somehow, snuggling with grand kids makes everything right in the world...

I would mope around here for twenty-four more hours after everyone was gone, listening to the deafening quiet that filled this big house but after that, I would continue on with my daily life because that's what we do...WE LIVE each day of our ever-changing lives.

A Texas Bride and a Louisiana Groom!

We survived the night before the wedding in the hotel...barely.  There were doors slamming and noise all night but somehow I eventually got a little rest.  As I laid there in the bed the next morning, I thought, "This is the day.  All four of my children will be married at the end of this day and surely I cannot be old enough for this to be happening (sigh...)."

I knew from the itinerary Allison gave Caitlin the night before that this was going to be a very busy day.  And my role?  I was on "Baby Duty"!  While Caitlin was running around with the bride and bridesmaids, getting dressed and having pictures taken, I was going to watch Holli.  Now, this had to be strategically planned out because, although I had the equipment, I wasn't capable of breast feeding this baby.  And so, I went into the salon where I waited for Caitlin to feed her for the last time before the wedding and then took her back to the hotel with me.  Robby was relaxing on the bed, watching the U.S. Open when we arrived.  Come to find out, Holli LOVES GOLF...She watched it for about two hours!
                                                              Lovin' my "Baby Duty"!
                                                  Holli and Poppi watching the U.S. Open.

I tried to relax before we had to start getting dressed for the wedding and everything was going pretty smoothly until Robby came in to get dressed.  He had his own tuxedo but chose to rent the tie, shirt and vest that the groomsmen were wearing...however, he failed to try that shirt and vest on (or even check the size...) until he started getting dressed. The shirt was a three quarter length sleeve shirt on him and the vest...a size medium!  Well, the tie would not fit on the shirt he owned so the shirt with the three quarter length sleeves would have to be worn with his jacket.  As for the vest...there was no way we could make a size medium work.  He buttoned the jacket up and you really couldn't tell he wasn't wearing one.  He took his own shirt to change in to for the reception.  We got Holli into her outfit, grabbed Parker's flower girl clothes and were off to the church!

We arrived in plenty of time to get Parker dressed and have the photographer snap a few photographs. I took a few, myself...
Parker Ann LOVES weddings!  Who wouldn't?  You get to be the center of attention, eat all of the sweets you want, dance until you can't move and stay up way past your bed time!
                                     Ya Ya and Parker Ann in our pretty wedding clothes.
                                                                          Me and Caitlin.
                               Caitlin, Kevin and Holli ready for Ryan and Allison's wedding.

By the time we were ready to line up for the ceremony, I was having a full blown panic attack over lighting that darn unity candle in my stilettos.  As I looked out into the church, I found it was packed!  And before I knew it, we were on our walk down the aisle...me praying that I could make it to the candle and back without falling.  Once I was seated, I began to breathe normally again and was able to enjoy the ceremony.  As I looked upon the stage, I saw all four of my grown children.  The fourth about to complete this next phase of his life and become married.  How could this be, I thought?  It seemed as though only yesterday I was a young mom raising these four little stair- steps.  I couldn't think about that right now; that thought was too intense for this moment.  I took my Scarlett O'Hara attitude and decided I would "Think about that tomorrow".

The bride, groom, both sets of parents and grandparents all rode together in a limo to the wedding reception, which was held at the country club.  The entire wedding party was lined up and introduced to the crowd individually as we walked out into the reception (another opportunity to fall in those shoes...).  Allison and Ryan shared their first dance together as husband and wife and then the father/daughter dance and then my dance with Ryan (one last swirl in the shoes before the flip-flops came out!)...
                                                     The Bride and Groom's first dance!
                                                                   Ryan's dance with me.
                                   Justin, Sarah and Parker Ann enjoying the wedding reception.

Lori has traditionally made us special martinis for every one of my children's weddings.  We didn't have any time beforehand, so she brought the ingredients to the reception and we had our martini's in our Ya Ya and La La  (her grandma name...) etched glasses!

I had fun dancing the night away with family and friends and even took a turn in the photo booth...

At the end of the evening, Allison and Ryan boarded a boat that took them across the lake to their waiting vehicle, while fireworks lit up the night sky; it was a wonderful send off!

And then we grabbed our things and headed back to the hotel.  As I lay in bed that evening, I began to feel it.  That awful feeling in my stomach from the night before had been replaced with the other one I knew so well.  I call it post-wedding let down.  Mama's last little chickie was married...Wow.

Wedding Weekend Fun..."The Rehearsal Dinner Day"

I pretty much sat back and relaxed for Ryan and Allison's eight month engagement.  And then suddenly, I found the wedding week upon us and I was busy playing with Holli and Parker Ann and at the last minute, I had to get on the ball!  The last twenty-four hours before we left for Texas, I washed clothes and packed boxes and suitcases and checked things off of my mental check list and then it was Thursday and time to head out.  I put part of my stuff in my mother-in-law's vehicle and the rest in mine; Not only did I have our wedding clothes and decorations for the rehearsal dinner...I had forgotten how many things a small baby needs to travel...
Robby, Caitlin, Holli and I left Thursday morning and stopped in Shreveport to pick Kevin up at the airport there and eat lunch.  Then it was on to Texas...HOT TEXAS!  We settled into our hotel a day earlier than other guest were expected to start arriving because I thought I needed a little time to acclimate and relax a little...HA HA!!  Did I just refer to "relaxing" during the wedding weekend?!  What was wrong with me; was I delusional?!

Robby's sister actually lives in Mt. Pleasant, where the wedding was being held,  and it was at her house that evening while eating dinner that this all began to hit me.  Robby asked what was wrong with me as I appeared to sit staring into space in a catatonic state.  Although I was the mother-of-the-groom this time, there was a lot going on and I needed to keep things calm and balanced for just two days...surely that was do-able.

Friday morning I woke up remembering that it was "Rehearsal Day".  We had rented the Barrel Room at Los Pinos Winery in Pittsburg, which was about 17 miles from town.  Since they didn't open until noon, I had time to leisurely have my morning coffee and breakfast before we headed out there.  My friend, and wedding coordinator/floral designer from Dallas would be coming later that day to decorate the room, all I had to do was leave the containers for the flowers and some photographs.  Since that left most of the afternoon open, those who traveled out to the winery with me decided to have a little lunch there...
And we also made a little stop afterwards at Efurd's Orchard...Where they use their fresh fruit to make DELICIOUS homemade ice cream!
We all returned to our hotel to rest a little before the wedding rehearsal at the church and dinner that evening, however, that didn't really go as expected...this wedding weekend was about to "officially" start!  I had only been laying down for about ten minutes when housekeeping tried to pull the door off the hinges.  It was the middle of the afternoon!  They had, had plenty of time to clean our room while we were gone...maybe if I ignored them they would just go away (sigh...).  Well, they finally went away, but I was wide awake, while Robby lay soundly sleeping.  But not for long, because all of the groomsmen started arriving and immediately came to our room and before long, we had ELEVEN PEOPLE standing around talking and laughing and I could tell by the electricity bouncing around among them that this wasn't going to stop for twenty-four hours.

Somehow, we all got dressed and made it to the church for the rehearsal and now THIS was the part I liked best about being the mother-of-the-groom; all I had to do was take a seat, listen and do as I was told.  It was a large wedding party and that electric excitement continued throughout the rehearsal and that's when it happened...I got that HUGE lump in my stomach.  I began to feel nervous and a little sick.  Oh, it wasn't a physical illness, it is what I refer to as "wedding sickness".  It starts when you realize that your child is about to get married and you have all of these intense feelings that are at war with each other inside your belly.  And to make things worse, I had noticed that unity candle sitting WAY up on the top of the stage that I was going to have to light...in front of three hundred people...walking by myself...in stilettos (Double sigh...).
                                                           Caitlin was a bridesmaid...
   And both brothers were groomsmen.  Don't these guys look like they are having a great time?!

An hour later we were on our way to the dinner at the winery and I couldn't wait to see the finished project!  And I couldn't be more pleased.  The Barrel Room was decorated beautifully and the dinner, itself, and service were wonderful!
Lori, my best friend (Who also was Caitlin's wedding coordinator/floral designer), made all of the beautiful floral arrangements for the dinner using hydrangeas and sunflowers.
The Barrel Room at Los Pinos Winery was decorated by them and they not only did a WONDERFUL job with the decorations, but the food and wine were top notch and the service was some of the BEST we have ever had.

We returned to our hotel to hopefully get a little shut eye before the "Big Day".  After learning that all of the groomsmen were staying on our floor, along with the rest of the facility being full of little league ball teams, I doubted that was going to happen (sigh...).


Mama's Little Baby Is Getting Married

One day quite a few years ago, Robby and I were sitting in the living room talking about the kids.  That's when he first called Ryan, "Mama's Little Baby".  Always having made an effort to treat my children equally, I shook my head "no", saying that I had no "favorites".  He quickly informed me that the "Little Baby" of the family wasn't necessarily the "favorite" but...well, he was just "Mama's Little Baby".  And to prove that fact, he set out to take a telephone survey by phone from all of the kids.  Each one he called, he would simply ask, "Who would you say is 'Mama's Little Baby?'"  The reply each time was, Ryan.  And then, he finally dialed Ryan's number and asked him the same question...to which his reply was, "Me".

Ryan was the third child I gave birth to, already having a two-year old and four-year old, both boys.  Whenever I had Ryan, I wasn't sure if I would have another child.  We surely didn't have a lot of money and only Robby was working; I had chosen to be a stay-at-home mom.  And, I suppose, this is part of the reason Ryan became "Mama's Little Baby".  I wanted to savor each and every moment with him.  And he was such an easy child to do this with.  Born into a family where everyone else was an "A Type" personality, Ryan was the texbook "B".  He was laid back, a snuggler and when the other boys would be off playing together, one could find Ryan playing contently by himself somewhere.  From the very beginning, he marched to the tune of his own drum.  And believe me, that drummer was not to be rushed; he always had a more relaxed, slower pace than the rest of us.  I often times wondered if WE drove him crazy!

While my other children seemed on a path to find their mate by a certain age and get married, Ryan was not in a hurry for that either, telling me, "Mom, I don't want to rush into marriage for the wrong reasons; I want to find someone I love and will be with for the rest of my life.  There's no rush...The right person will come along one day and I will know it."  Well, of course, his "A Type Personality Family" was having a hard time with this, constantly urging him to get out and meet someone.  Everyone else was getting married and starting families; We didn't want Ryan to be alone. 

And then it happened almost as suddenly as he said it would; Ryan met Allison.  I was anxious to meet her, we all were.  However, I had no idea that he would bring her to meet us for the first time on Caitlin's wedding weekend!  Someone said, "If she can survive that weekend with the family, then she is probably a 'Keeper'".  When she showed up, the first thing I noticed was her smile; it lit up the room.  She seemed to fit right in with our Big, Fat Family, I suppose that was because she had one of her own!  While we had three boys and a girl, her family boasted three girls and a boy.  And as I watched she and Ryan interact, I knew that she was "The One". 

They were so much alike, both "B Personalities"; laid back, easy going, witty.  Robby told them once that he wasn't sure either one of them would ever be able to get out of the bed in the mornings to go to work if they got married!   This, of course, did not offend them, they just laughed.  And so now,  I find myself only two days from my "Little Baby" getting married.  And this wedding is probably even more bittersweet than any of the others.  Not just because it is my "Little Baby" getting married, but because it is the last one of my children getting married.  As I talk to Parker Ann or hold Holli in my arms, it takes me back to a time when my own children were  young.  I miss those days.  Days when Mommy was the center of their lives and I was the one they would run to for all of their needs.  But I realize that this is the proper progression of life, the way it is supposed to be and it is only bittersweet because I know that God has given "My Little Baby" a very special girl to be his mate for life and if I had to hand-pick someone for him, there could be no one any more perfect than Allison.  So, although I am passing Ryan on to the girl of his dreams, he will still always be "Mama's Little Baby" with the soft heart that always matched his chubby little cheeks and sweet blue eyes.  Happy Wedding Weekend...I Love You Both and wish you a lifetime of happiness!


Hey, I Was Screaming at the Dog...Not YOU!

So, I find myself in yet another wedding week.  Of course, the duties of the mother-of the-groom are not as taxing as the duties of the mother-of-the-bride are, however, they do come with the normal (whatever that is...) wedding stresses.  I thought I was doing pretty well...that is until I screamed at the dog.

You see, I really didn't mean to scream at all, but sometimes you just feel like a balloon being slowly filled up with air and then right when one more breath of air is shoved into it...it POPS!  That's sorta how poor ole Annie got screamed at the other night.  I had decided that I needed to go to bed, I had done enough for the day and was actually feeling a little bit stressed out.  I got up, put some food in the dogs' dishes and then called them to go to bed.  Annie walked around the corner, looked at me and then turned and slid off in the opposite direction.  Robby was still laying on the couch watching television and that's just where I happened to be when I suddenly screamed at the top of my lungs, "ANNIEEEEEEEEE"!!!!!  I think I must have scared Robby because he immediately jumped and became quite defensive.  I looked at him and said, "Hey!  I wasn't screaming at YOU...I was screaming at the dog!"  He replied, "Yea, I know...and you NEVER scream at the dog."

Well, he was right; I don't usually scream at the dog but that balloon had just popped and I was really close to the wedding week and I really, really, really needed EVERYBODY to cooperate with me so everything could go smoothly until the wedding was over.  Yea, I know, I laughed at imagining that happening too but a girl can dream, can't she?!

Anyway, as I said, I now find myself plopped right down in the wedding week and I still have things to do...no, I mean like projects to finish making before we leave here on Thursday heading to Texas.  I have procrastinated and now things have caught up with me and I am pushing to get it all done.  Oh well...so the story of my life goes.  One thing is for sure though...we're definitely going to have a wedding on Saturday whether I get all this stuff done or not.  So, I'm off of here and on to things that must be done!
                                                                          Sorry, Annie!


Take Me Out to the Ballgame Baby Shower for Baby Beckett!

Although I wasn't sure I had it in me to give a baby shower right now with all that is going on here, once David chose the invitation, I was inspired!  It was one of the most unique invitations for a baby boy shower I have ever seen...

Once I had seen the invitation, I KNEW what I was going to do; I was going to go crazy with a "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" theme!  All of the decorations and food had to be related to baseball...

     I purchased this really cute banner that had Beckett's name on baseballs from Etsy.
                                                    For flowers, I used blue hydrangeas.
     I had several of these cute little burlap framed sayings on tables too (Red Door Interior).
                                        This adorable chalkboard met guests as they arrived...
        And the side that faced guests had Beckett's initials on it (Hunter Beckett Rogenmoser)
                 Here's an overview of the food table, where Calla Lilies centered the table.
Red, white and blue were dominant here.  I used the pieces of antique milk glass given to me by my mother and threw in some other white pieces.
                                                       Baseball Cupcakes were a MUST!

                                             A baseball glove served as a napkin holder!
And see that other piece of milk glass in the background?  It contained banana and chocolate Mini Moon Pies.
                                       Of course, popcorn and peanuts had to be on the menu.
          This red beverage tub held iced-down,  glass bottled cokes, root beer and sprites.
                         And what ballgame would be complete without Double Bubble Gum?

                                            Mini Corn dogs...in place of those baseball hot dogs!

The day was filled with family, friends, fun and LOTS of goodies for little Beckett.  I had a few special things to give my new grandson-to-be, myself...
                                   I finally finished knitting his blanket in time for the shower.
These two outfits were David's when he was a baby.  He asked for the outfit he went home from the hospital in for Beckett to also go home in; it is the outfit on the right.  In the center of the two outfits is the little hospital hat I knitted for him as well.
                  And a copy of YaYa's book, with a special little note written inside for him.
And here is the anxious couple who can barely wait for this sweet new addition to our family to arrive.

                                                     28 DAYS UNTIL BECKETT'S DUE DATE.
                                                       WE CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU!!!