Post Wedding Let Down...

"Post Wedding Let Down" is nothing new to me and I suspect other mothers.  It is what happens after the big day has come and gone.  The bride and groom are happily on their honeymoon and mom is left to think about how her little baby has grown up and moved on.  I like to compare it to postpartum depression experienced by new mothers, except that thankfully it only lasts about twenty-four hours.  But for those twenty-four hours, all you can think about is...the past.

For each of my boys' rehearsal dinners, I have created a collage of baby pictures.  Baby pictures of the bride and groom.  I copy them all to black and white, frame them in a black frame and then place the frame on an easel at the entry of the room where the dinner is to be held.  At the end of the evening, I give the bride and groom this collage as a gift to hang in their new home.  As I begin looking through old photographs, this "Post Wedding Let Down Syndrome" sort of starts.  I get caught up in looking at old pictures and before you know it, I find myself sitting in the middle of the floor surrounded not only by photographs, but many memories as well.

I found the pictures that I wanted to use of Ryan for their collage and I also found this old photograph of Robby and me...

 Parker Ann walked in and I asked her if she knew who these people were.  She looked confused...very confused.

Knowing that this let down feeling is coming and normal is of slight consolation.  We traveled home from Texas on Sunday, Father's Day.  This is also an odd day for me since my own father passed away before I even entered the first grade.  In addition to that, I was dreading having to put Caitlin, Kevin and Holli on a plane Tuesday morning to go back to Ohio.  It would be just Robby and me again; back to our daily routine.

                            Me and my dad on the only vacation we ever got to take together.
                                    Parker Ann and Holli were dressed alike on Father's Day.

When we got home, I got in as much snuggle time with Holli (whom I now call my "Baby Luv").  Somehow, snuggling with grand kids makes everything right in the world...

I would mope around here for twenty-four more hours after everyone was gone, listening to the deafening quiet that filled this big house but after that, I would continue on with my daily life because that's what we do...WE LIVE each day of our ever-changing lives.


  1. hi barbara-you probably don't remember me, but we met when ryan was in high school. he and my daughter, courtney carnahan, were good friends and were in the same grade. courtney is also friends with caitlyn. courtney's wedding was june 1, and i am experiencing some of the wedding blues, too! we worked for a year on planning that wedding-i hardly know what to do with my time now! ashley hayes mitchell took courtney's wedding pictures, too, and we are excited to see them. i just wanted to say hi and tell you that i enjoy reading your blog.

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