Take Me Out to the Ballgame Baby Shower for Baby Beckett!

Although I wasn't sure I had it in me to give a baby shower right now with all that is going on here, once David chose the invitation, I was inspired!  It was one of the most unique invitations for a baby boy shower I have ever seen...

Once I had seen the invitation, I KNEW what I was going to do; I was going to go crazy with a "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" theme!  All of the decorations and food had to be related to baseball...

     I purchased this really cute banner that had Beckett's name on baseballs from Etsy.
                                                    For flowers, I used blue hydrangeas.
     I had several of these cute little burlap framed sayings on tables too (Red Door Interior).
                                        This adorable chalkboard met guests as they arrived...
        And the side that faced guests had Beckett's initials on it (Hunter Beckett Rogenmoser)
                 Here's an overview of the food table, where Calla Lilies centered the table.
Red, white and blue were dominant here.  I used the pieces of antique milk glass given to me by my mother and threw in some other white pieces.
                                                       Baseball Cupcakes were a MUST!

                                             A baseball glove served as a napkin holder!
And see that other piece of milk glass in the background?  It contained banana and chocolate Mini Moon Pies.
                                       Of course, popcorn and peanuts had to be on the menu.
          This red beverage tub held iced-down,  glass bottled cokes, root beer and sprites.
                         And what ballgame would be complete without Double Bubble Gum?

                                            Mini Corn dogs...in place of those baseball hot dogs!

The day was filled with family, friends, fun and LOTS of goodies for little Beckett.  I had a few special things to give my new grandson-to-be, myself...
                                   I finally finished knitting his blanket in time for the shower.
These two outfits were David's when he was a baby.  He asked for the outfit he went home from the hospital in for Beckett to also go home in; it is the outfit on the right.  In the center of the two outfits is the little hospital hat I knitted for him as well.
                  And a copy of YaYa's book, with a special little note written inside for him.
And here is the anxious couple who can barely wait for this sweet new addition to our family to arrive.

                                                     28 DAYS UNTIL BECKETT'S DUE DATE.
                                                       WE CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU!!!

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