Mama's Little Baby Is Getting Married

One day quite a few years ago, Robby and I were sitting in the living room talking about the kids.  That's when he first called Ryan, "Mama's Little Baby".  Always having made an effort to treat my children equally, I shook my head "no", saying that I had no "favorites".  He quickly informed me that the "Little Baby" of the family wasn't necessarily the "favorite" but...well, he was just "Mama's Little Baby".  And to prove that fact, he set out to take a telephone survey by phone from all of the kids.  Each one he called, he would simply ask, "Who would you say is 'Mama's Little Baby?'"  The reply each time was, Ryan.  And then, he finally dialed Ryan's number and asked him the same which his reply was, "Me".

Ryan was the third child I gave birth to, already having a two-year old and four-year old, both boys.  Whenever I had Ryan, I wasn't sure if I would have another child.  We surely didn't have a lot of money and only Robby was working; I had chosen to be a stay-at-home mom.  And, I suppose, this is part of the reason Ryan became "Mama's Little Baby".  I wanted to savor each and every moment with him.  And he was such an easy child to do this with.  Born into a family where everyone else was an "A Type" personality, Ryan was the texbook "B".  He was laid back, a snuggler and when the other boys would be off playing together, one could find Ryan playing contently by himself somewhere.  From the very beginning, he marched to the tune of his own drum.  And believe me, that drummer was not to be rushed; he always had a more relaxed, slower pace than the rest of us.  I often times wondered if WE drove him crazy!

While my other children seemed on a path to find their mate by a certain age and get married, Ryan was not in a hurry for that either, telling me, "Mom, I don't want to rush into marriage for the wrong reasons; I want to find someone I love and will be with for the rest of my life.  There's no rush...The right person will come along one day and I will know it."  Well, of course, his "A Type Personality Family" was having a hard time with this, constantly urging him to get out and meet someone.  Everyone else was getting married and starting families; We didn't want Ryan to be alone. 

And then it happened almost as suddenly as he said it would; Ryan met Allison.  I was anxious to meet her, we all were.  However, I had no idea that he would bring her to meet us for the first time on Caitlin's wedding weekend!  Someone said, "If she can survive that weekend with the family, then she is probably a 'Keeper'".  When she showed up, the first thing I noticed was her smile; it lit up the room.  She seemed to fit right in with our Big, Fat Family, I suppose that was because she had one of her own!  While we had three boys and a girl, her family boasted three girls and a boy.  And as I watched she and Ryan interact, I knew that she was "The One". 

They were so much alike, both "B Personalities"; laid back, easy going, witty.  Robby told them once that he wasn't sure either one of them would ever be able to get out of the bed in the mornings to go to work if they got married!   This, of course, did not offend them, they just laughed.  And so now,  I find myself only two days from my "Little Baby" getting married.  And this wedding is probably even more bittersweet than any of the others.  Not just because it is my "Little Baby" getting married, but because it is the last one of my children getting married.  As I talk to Parker Ann or hold Holli in my arms, it takes me back to a time when my own children were  young.  I miss those days.  Days when Mommy was the center of their lives and I was the one they would run to for all of their needs.  But I realize that this is the proper progression of life, the way it is supposed to be and it is only bittersweet because I know that God has given "My Little Baby" a very special girl to be his mate for life and if I had to hand-pick someone for him, there could be no one any more perfect than Allison.  So, although I am passing Ryan on to the girl of his dreams, he will still always be "Mama's Little Baby" with the soft heart that always matched his chubby little cheeks and sweet blue eyes.  Happy Wedding Weekend...I Love You Both and wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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