What's In YOUR Kitchen Window Sill?

I'm that person who attempts to keep things neat and organized, however, I still have those junk drawers, papers hanging from my refrigerator by various magnets and...things sitting in my kitchen window sill.

Now matter how I try, things just seem to continue to find their way back to my kitchen window sill.  Whenever someone is sick, all the medicine ends up there until long after the illness is gone.  And then there are those things that end up there just because of convenience, like my jewelry while washing dishes.  I truly LIKE to have a cleaned out window sill but alas it never stays that way for long.  Right now I have just a few things sitting there and I justify them being there because of their continual use and convenience for me; here they are...

Let's start with the white item on the far left.  That is a Fat Loss Monitor.  Whenever I started dieting and exercising, I decided to keep up with my BMI and fat loss.  I don't use this every day, but often enough to justify it being in my kitchen window sill.  To date I have lost over 10 percent body fat and can happily say that I am finally in my "normal" BMI zone (yippee...yahoo...and all that stuff!).

Moving down the window sill you can find my Advil.  I think that item is pretty self-explanatory; head aches, TMJ pain, soreness from working out.  Keeping it in the kitchen window sill means that I don't have to go searching for it whenever I need it.

The next item is my Bliss Body Butter in Blood Orange & White Pepper scent.  I LOVE this lotion!  Not only is is super moisturizing but it smells wonderful and lasts FOREVER.  Gotta keep it close to where I wash the dishes!

And the last items you can find in my window sill right now are two, fresh, ripe tomatoes.  This time of year is one of my favorites since it brings LOTS of fresh fruits and vegetables to our many produce stands around the area.  One such stand just happens to be at the end of our road and I love stopping to grab whatever fresh vegetables are available!

Try as I might, I am just one of those people who cannot keep things out of my kitchen window sill.  However, it IS MY window sill and I suppose I can keep anything there I choose to.  What's in YOUR kitchen window sill??

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