Oktoberfest in Breckenridge

I had never been to Oktoberfest anywhere.  I had only heard of it, but as they say, reading about something is totally different than experiencing it yourself.  Well, we had no idea that Oktoberfest would be going on while we were in Breckenridge.  We just happened to go into town for a little lunch and we found this wonderful festival just getting into full swing for the weekend.

 The street was blocked off to traffic and vendors were set up on the sides of the street with all sorts of trinkets, food and of course beer!
If you were drinking beer you purchased tickets and then hopped in any line to refill your cup.  Or stein.  Every year this festival has a different collectible stein made and shipped in from Germany.

 The aroma wafted down the street as you passed each food vendor.  Just look at some of the options on that sign.
                                                              And homemade pretzels!

Some of the locals added Oktoberfest foods to their menu and Hubby and I stopped in at this quaint little wine bar for a glass of wine and an Oktoberfest themed charcuterie board.

But honestly I think the most fun part was seeing everyone dressed in their Oktoberfest wear!  I would so be dressing like this too if only I had known the festival was going on ahead of time.

We had so much fun that we've decided we should visit Breckenridge each year at this time just so we can attend the festival.  And who knows...maybe we'll come up with our own outfits to wear too!

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