The Aspen Groves

The thing about autumn is...we, here in Louisiana,  just pretty much don't have one.  And, yes, I would love to open my windows to the cool breeze and slip a sweater on in the morning before I go for a  walk and enjoy the red, yellow and orange of the leaves changing.  OK, so I suppose I could do without the rest of the things but those leaves...I'm just obsessed with them.

I guess it's true what they say:  We always wish for the things we don't have and take for granted the things we do have.  For me, it's the leaves.  I can remember as a child getting out all of those fall colored crayons and coloring pages of leaves, pumpkins and scarecrows.  All of those things have screamed AUTUMN to me for pretty much the entirety of my life.

While in Colorado, I enjoyed seeing the changing colors of the landscape as we drove around, however, when someone mentioned taking a drive through the aspen groves, it was a must for me!
     Driving through the aspen groves with the mountains peeking through was so picturesque.
See those leaves laying on the ground?  I wish I could have captured a photo of them fluttering to the ground so gracefully.  Because that is just what they do in such a magical way.
Driving along the narrow roads through what appears to be tunnels of trees, where the shadows fall perfectly across your path.  The feel of autumn overwhelms one's senses.

I finally got that color page from years ago just taking a leisurely drive through the mountains.  And it was everything I could ever imagine it being and more...

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