When Redbirds Appear...

For those of you who know me well or have been following my posts for a while, you will remember that I have been waiting to see "my redbird" since the death of my mother.  If you are not familiar with this, I will fill you in.  Apparently, the saying goes:  When a cardinal appears in your yard, it is a visitor from Heaven.  I had never heard of this before my mother passed away last November, however, once I did, I became very impatient for a redbird to appear at my window.  Even made it a habit of looking desperately for one in the early days after her death. And then someone said, "When you are missing her most or on a special occasion, your redbird will appear.  And so months went by and I never forgot, but I quit looking so hard for one daily.  And then suddenly, as I was told...it appeared!  And she wasn't alone.

July we would have been celebrating my mother's 90th birthday.  It should have been a weekend of festivities for us and I had been anticipating this huge milestone for her.  But things didn't work out that way and I found myself not having a party to plan or gift to buy.  So Hubby and I set out for our lake house, about 45 minutes away.  We were to spend the weekend there with two other couples and I was busily getting ready for their arrival when I noticed just outside the window in the den, a bird's nest.  The nest had two baby birds in it but as far as I could tell their mommy was nowhere to be found.  Now I love see the birds come up to my window and eat from the feeders but truly, I couldn't tell you the different types of birds like my mother could.  So I smiled that these little baby birds were tucked safely in a nest just outside my window and thought that perhaps I would get to watch them try their wings out while I was there.

I mentioned the baby birds to my husband and our other guests in passing but I had no idea what was to come the next morning.  I slept in a bit while the others awoke early and had their coffee on the back porch while watching the fog lift slowly from the river.  Whenever my husband came to wake me, he said, "Get up, your redbirds are here!"  Those words had me jumping out of bed quickly and heading out to see them for myself.  Sure enough, there was the mama sitting in the bushes right where I had seen the nest the previous afternoon.  The babies had flown away but there she was, as though waiting for me to see her.

I was truly excited to see these birds and they put a tear of joy in my eyes for it was as though my mother was visiting finally after all those months of waiting.  And on her birthday weekend, no less.

Over the past year I have made two purchases for myself.  They are both redbird bracelets.  The first one I purchased right after the death of my mother and found that it gave me comfort to wear it.  The second I bought this year during the holiday season when I found myself missing my mother.  This particular bracelet has not only a redbird dangling from it but also the quote I mentioned earlier.

I've only seen a couple of redbirds since and they have always fluttered around in my backyard, close to the window I frequently peer out.  They make their entrance and capture my attention as though to say, "Hello, we're just checking on you" and then off they go.

These redbirds will forever be a gift to me.  They seem to come in pairs so I think of them as my parents visiting, peeking in on me.  I know that they are happily united again and I often think of that reunion as such a joyous occasion for both of them.  She filling him in on everything he missed while she lived here so many years without him.  And the both of them deciding to take flight here to let me know everything will be alright.


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  2. I love this! Knowing you and your mom made it even more sweet! We had a pair of red birds make a nest in our knock out rose bush! It was so fascinating to watch! David’s dad passed 2 years ago this August.