The Players in this Saga...My Family!

Before I get started with all of the drama involved with this large and crazy family, I would like to introduce you to the players. The picture you see is of my son Ryan's college graduation from East Texas Baptist University. Surprisingly, we were all once again able to make it so we could have a "family picture" of the event. I usually frame photos for the graduate and myself...just a great keepsake. Anyway, I guess I will start from left to right on the picture telling you who everyone is and a little bit about them. To the far left is Sarah, my daughter-in-law. As you may be able to tell, she is pregnant; actually due on August 26th with my first grandchild. As most young couples these days, they of course already know the sex of the's a girl! Her name will be Parker Ann Rogenmoser. Parker is my mother-in-law's maiden name and I actually like the name. Sarah is originally from Hot Springs, Arkansas. She only has one sister who is a year older than her. Her sister was married and then one year later, Sarah and Justin were married. Sarah's first baby is due in August and her sister's baby is due in September...and so it goes. Her father is a doctor and her mother a nurse, who teaches at the community college there. Their family is very "quiet"...well, compared to our family, most are. OK, more on Sarah later. Justin, my oldest son is standing just behind Sarah. Justin was that typical first-born child who didn't give me too much trouble. Now, that's not to say he was not into mischief; you put 3 little boys together and OHHHH, the things they can find to get into! Justin went off to LSU to college and was going to get his degree in Landscape Architecture...he changed that major in his senior year! I was not very happy about that, but we moved on and INSISTED that he still get his degree. He transferred right down the road a little way to Southeastern University, where he got a degree in General Studies with a concentration in Behavioral Sciences...yea, what are you going to do with that degree?? Well, he and Sarah got married and we talked him into applying to grad. school. He got into LSU grad. school in Shreveport, where he earned his master's degree in Health & Hospital Administration! Unfortunately, at that time, he was not able to find a job in that field. However, Robby, my husband, decided to build a new ACE Hardware store and now Justin is now managing it. There is a lot of responsibility and much to learn, but he is doing well there and appears to love it. Let's move on to the next person in the picture, now. Caitlin...the only girl amongst these boys. Caitlin is my only daughter and the first girl born into our family since I was born! My sister had 2 boys and I had 3 boys at the time...can I tell you that she had no choice but to be a "girly girl"?!? Well, that she has been, but also a very opinionated one too (everyone in this family is VERY opinionated). She's pretty tough, having grown up with those 3, but also a very sweet and caring girl. She is in college also at this time. She is officially a junior, attending Northwestern State University. Her major is business and her father has told her to pick her upper level degree program; she's considering a degree in law. I know that I will never finish this post today because I need to go board my dogs today. We are leaving for vacation on Monday. So, I will leave off saying that I am the next person in the picture, standing next to the graduate...more about me (MOM) next time.

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