Living in Wonderland...

Living in Wonderland. That's what my husband says living with me is like.  I'm afraid that today proved him correct.

It was going to be a regular Monday.  Filled with all the normal things that I do on most given Mondays.  Washing clothes, going to yoga class, the post office and grocery shopping.  Finishing up early, I would then stop by the nail shop before returning home to address my Christmas cards.  It all started out pretty normally but then...I suppose I fell down that rabbit hole.  To Wonderland.

The day started out cold and rainy and just downright dreary.  But I was determined to head to the gym for my yoga class.  It always made me feel good to go to yoga class and then I would be ready to face all of the other tasks that awaited me.  And sure enough, I felt great after completing my session.  Rolling my mat up, I walked to the bench by the door, slipped on my shoes and reached for my car keys.  My keys...where were they?  I looked under the bench and around on the floor but knew immediately that one of the two people who had left class early had accidentally grabbed my keys.  Well, crap!

I looked around on the floor outside the yoga room.  No keys.  I walked to the front desk to ask if anyone had turned in a set of car keys.  No keys.  I looked on the board where people hung their car keys.  No keys.  The gym contacted both people who said they didn't have the key.  I questioned that, thinking they didn't look hard enough.  HEY!  Someone had to have my keys.  It was at this point that frustration began to creep in.  You see, I had only grabbed my mat, water bottle and keys when I got out of my car.  Leaving behind my purse, wallet and cell phone.  I used the gym's phone to call Hubby, who was packing to leave for a trip; I hoped he hadn't left yet.  Luckily for me, he had not left yet.  Unluckily for both of us, we had lost our spare key (sigh...).

The fun really began as Hubby tried to find a way to get me a new key.  First, he had to contact On Star to unlock my vehicle for me (at this point I had been waiting for over an hour at the gym...)  We got the paper work out and called the dealership we had purchased the vehicle from in Texas.  The guy there gave us the name of someone else who could help us get a security code.  We took the code to the local GM dealership and paid a fee to get a code to have another key made (it was now two hours since I had lost my keys...).  The lock and key place closed at 1:00 but said they would stay until we got the code to was 1:50 by the time we got there.  Yes, there was another fee to be paid to get this key.  THEN...we had to go back to my vehicle, put the key in the ignition and follow the directions that were given to us for 31 minutes before the car would start up.  True story.  Nobody could make this stuff up.  Seriously.

I was WAY behind schedule by this time, however, there were still things I HAD to do.  I made my run to the post office and grocery store and decided I would go ahead and stop to have my nails done.  I deserved this treat after all, didn't I?  There wasn't many cars there; it was cold and rainy.  What crazy person would be out in this weather anyway?!  I was shown to my pedicure chair, sunk my frozen feet in the hot water and pulled out my Kindle to read, relax and unwind a bit (it was after 3:00 by this time...).  That's when the lady next to me pulled out her cell phone, while chomping on ice very loudly (a pet peeve of mine...) and began to have an even louder conversation with someone she was obviously irritated with (Why me?  Why me?  WHY ME?!).  I continued to read and hoped the phone conversation would end soon.  It did.  And then she proceeded to explain to me (yes, me... who was clearly reading a book) who she was talking to and what her complaint was with them.  I was happy when she left to get her eyebrows waxed.  Again, true story continued.  Nobody...I mean NOBODY can make this stuff up.

At the end of the day, while wondering if there would be a full moon tonight (surely there would be...), Hubby called to asked if I had calmed down from the key incident yet.  "Sure", I said.  He asked whose fault it was that the keys had gotten taken.  I knew he wanted me to admit that it was my fault since I had laid them down on the bench.  At this point there was no way I was gonna take the blame for that.  I said, "That lady who picked up my keys."  He replied, (with a sigh and I'm sure a good bit of eye rolling...) "It's OK, I know who I'm married to."  I asked what he meant by that.  That's when he informed me that life was always a surprise and always exciting with me and he had gotten used to not knowing what to expect "Living in Wonderland" with me.  Hmmm...I had to think about that.  Perhaps I DID live in Wonderland.  He seemed to think that this day merely added to all the other crazy stories we had collected over the Wonderland.  I could have done without the story today.  Seriously.  And I would still like to have my key clicker back since every time I use the key to open my door now the lights flash and the horn starts beeping.  True story...Yep!

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