Macaroons and a Cafe' Au Lait, S'il Vous Plait...

OK, so I could not wait to get to France because although I am very careful with my diet on a daily basis, I fully intended on having two things EVERY DAY while there:  Macaroons and Cafe' Au Lait!  And to my pleasure, at every corner one could find both.

First, let me say that Cafe' Au Lait was already a favorite of mine from visiting New Orleans, however, having a Cafe'Au Lait in France...Ooohhlala!!
 In case you don't know what a Cafe' Au Lait is, I will tell you:  It is coffee with hot, steamed milk.  YUM!

 And every time I ordered one, there was a little something different about the presentation.  That is a little meringue on the saucer.

      This one came with the steamed milk on the side .  And a little piece of chocolate on the saucer.

So you see, sipping a Cafe' Au Lait  is just the the thing to do while sitting at an outdoor cafe' in France.

Now, about the pastries...OH MY!  The French make pastries a work of art.  Seriously, I have never seen such beautiful pasties in my life!  And my favorite?  The Macaroon.  What is a macaroon, you may be asking?  Click HERE to find out just exactly what they are and some history behind them.  All I need to tell you about them is that they are DELICIOUS!

                                           See...I told you they made pastries a work of art!

 I found that these little babies come in several different sizes too:  A regular size (50 cent piece size), large ones(Moon Pie size) and then the minis.  I sorta felt a little like Goldilocks in deciding which ones I liked best, because they were all so good but you know,  I found that there is one that is "just right"...
This green macaroon was pistachio flavored and it was a large one...about the size of a moon pie.  Yep, I was a little overzealous with this one.  But, was at the beginning of the trip and I learned my lesson and only ordered the regular sized ones afterwards...

OH MY GOODNESS...And I mean GOODness!  A bit too much sugar in a big one like this but OH, SO YUMMY!

And I know what you must be wondering:  Did I bring any back with me?  Well, of course I did!  These two things were my guilty pleasure while I was in France and I do not regret having both every day because it's not every day a girl goes to France!

Join me on my next post which will be about the churches of France.  The photos for that post are don't want to miss it!

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