Churches of France

Someone asked me the other day:  "Didn't you get tired of seeing all of those churches in France?"  WHAT?!  Are you kidding me?  I absolutely LOVED seeing all of those churches (I told you I was that American in France who was totally enchanted by everything there...).

Upon our arrival into Paris, we toured the city and on that tour we got to visit The Cathedral of Notre Dame.  I was so in awe of this first cathedral because of the absolute beauty and craftsmanship of the architecture.  We have many lovely modern buildings in the United States but none compare to the beauty of these wonderful old buildings in Europe.  Beware!  Because you just might get a photo overload on this post...


                 And if you think the exterior is beautiful just wait until you see the interior...

                                         This is one of my favorite shots behind the crucifix.
                          Here's the front view and just look at those stained glass windows.

Everywhere we stopped along the countryside of France churches could be found peeking around the corners of other buildings or trees...

No matter where we went, churches could be found.  Larger and more opulent ones in the big cities and smaller ones in the quaint towns.  And every one of them touched and inspired me.  They told a story of a people with faith.  And faith connects people.  Across oceans and into far away countries and languages barriers it connects them by their faith in God.  And so no...I did not ever tire of seeing these churches around every corner.  I loved peeking inside of them and snapping photos.  And wondering about the people who had entered their doors so many years ago.  I must admit that the churches were one of my favorite things to photograph while in France.

And now that I finally got to show you the churches of France I want to next share with you our visit to the beaches of Normandy.  What an experience that was and one I will never forget...


  1. I have to tell you those pictures of the church are stunning. I love the cuts and the design and all the work that went into building such a beautiful building. I could stare at the design for hours. It must have taken years of planning and work to make it look like it does today. Thanks for all the detailed pictures.

    Carson Coronado @ Old St. Mary's Detroit

    1. Glad you enjoyed the churches and thanks for reading!