Signed Children's Book Giveaway!

If you are here, you can see that I have been working with a designer to update the design of my blog.  How do you like it??  And how about that byline?  I invite you to check everything out, however, some of the sections do not have content added yet since it was just completed last week.

And because I am celebrating having this new design up and running, I am going to do a GIVEAWAY!!  Yep, and it's one that you don't want to miss out on; it's for your little one.  If you will click on "Books I've Written", you will find the children's book I have written.  I am going to GIVE AWAY 3 of these books in hardcover, signed by me to your child!

To get in on this GIVEAWAY here is all you have to do:

1.  Click on "Join this site" and enter you information. (No one will see this information!)
2.  Leave a comment on THIS post telling me that you have joined and are entering the GIVEAWAY.
3.  Tell your friends about the GIVEAWAY...The more the merrier!
4.  Check back NEXT MONDAY, MAY 23rd to see who the winners are.  (I will also announce the

Now, a little more about the book.  There is also a version of the book you can download for your child on the I-Pad and it's pretty awesome, if I may say so myself.  You can choose to read it to your child or there is an option where the book can be read to the child.  There are also color and puzzle pages.  This book is perfect for children who love rhyming and there are lots of concepts that can be taught from a learning standpoint.  It is my first book and I am currently working on another book for a little older child but I really hope that you will join this GIVEAWAY so you can share this book with your little one!

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