The Last Weekend of Summer

Labor Day Weekend. The last weekend of summer. Or so they say. It still feels pretty hot here in the south and most likely will for at least another month. But because it was the last weekend of summer and the first weekend of college football season we decided to escape to the lake house for this long weekend. 

I was still attempting to recover from our Colorado trip. It was a wonderful getaway but there were planes delays, as usual, on our return trip and then all that catching up to do after being away for a week. And to top all of that off a flare-up with my stomach that left me reeling for days. I needed to just rest. To relax and recoup. And the lake house was the best place to achieve all of those goals. 

There really wasn't much of a plan for the weekend except to walk around town for a bit on Saturday morning and watch a little football that afternoon. Oh, and any trip to the lake wouldn't be complete without a couple of boat rides. 
                    If you're gonna get on a boat, you may as well take a fishing pole with you...

                                                                  Boat riding was fun!
And the start of football season...well, the Tigers did start off very well. But Livie sure did look cute in her Game Day colors!

I needed this long weekend and really began to feel better by Sunday.  I slept in, ate light and piddled around. It was nice to have a few "do nothing days". But now Hubby and I are getting ready to both head out again, each going in separate directions for a week and a half. He, on an annual hunting/camping trip to Colorado and I to Cleveland to see Caitlin and the kiddos. I know, I know...Only home long enough to catch our breath buy hey, there are places to go and things to do and see.  And we, gypsies, don't want to miss one second of it!  So, off we go again in a couple of days. Hoping that by the time we return,  things might have cooled down a bit here. But we've lived here our entire lives and know that a small cool breeze in early fall is only a tease here in Louisiana. I'm sure we will still be running our air conditioners for Thanksgiving. But we will take what we can get. Even if it is only a small glimpse of what the rest of the country calls autumn. 
                                                               Good-bye, Summer...

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