Lila Kate Turns 2!

It's tough having a birthday in December.  MY BIG FAT SOUTHERN FAMILY has 3.  It's especially tough if your birthday falls on Christmas Eve which one of ours does.  Lila Kate is our "Christmas Eve Baby".  And because of that, so far she has celebrated her birthday in mid-December each year.  And without a Christmas theme I might add.  This year was no different as we celebrated her second birthday (a little early) with a Peppa Pig party.

Lila Kate is our sassy little curly haired girl who marches to the beat of her own drum.  And that's what I love so much about her!  Only family was invited to this party and some were out of town.  But the thing about such a large family is that there will still always be plenty of people in attendance.
This year it was the boy cousins who were in attendance and when I got ready to snap a picture Beckett asked, "Can I be in the picture too?"  Of course you can, sweet boy!
And Lila Kate loves playing with Grayson.  He's not quite a year old yet but he's already won all the girls' hearts over.  Oh, and notice what a cute little Peppa Pig tutu dress Lila Kate is wearing.  Notice later that she makes a wardrobe change halfway through the party.
I love this photo.  You see, it has a very sweet story behind it.  That box is filled with items that are Parker Ann's.  She found some of her favorite things and put them in a box to give Lila Kate for her birthday.  If you know children then you know that sharing is difficult.  You really have to love somebody to give them your stuff.  And also notice that Beckett is holding something.  It is a page of stickers that came out of the box.  When he asked if he could have them, they said yes.  Precious moments...
Here it is...The wardrobe change!  All of the girls are really into wearing costumes these days and whenever Lila Kate opened this one, she immediately took her Peppa dress off and donned it.  I loved watching her open her presents too.  She's one of those kids who takes her time and looks at everything she opens and wants to spend a little time with each present before moving on to the next one.  Hey, you only get a birthday once a year...why not make it last?
                                            And then it was time to sing "Happy Birthday".

                                           What a sweet, sweet big 2 year old we have now.

Someone asked me once how in the world did I split my time to give each grandchild enough attention.  Well, coming from a YaYa who had four children of her own I answered there's always room on YaYa's lap.  Each child knows that they have a special part of my heart.  And I love the fact that God made each of us so individually unique.  They all have different personalities and I bask in the joy of that.  I love spunky and lively and cuddly and loud and quite.  I love it all!

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