Zola: The Perfect Wedding Gift Registry Site

Wedding season is presently in full swing and the invitations are coming in the mail for showers, parties and the wedding itself.  You're not sure how to select the perfect gift for the couple and confused on whether you should bring a gift to the wedding if you already brought one to the shower.  Don't panic!  I'm here along with Zola  to help you out with every decision you need to make as a  participant or guest of the wedding.

For me, finding the perfect wedding gift is as simple as finding the couple's gift registry.  Upon their engagement, most couples go out to their favorite boutiques or online stores and begin to form a wedding registry with their favorite items for a wedding gift.  A wedding gift wish list if you will.  And conveniently for you, the guest, to any of their showers, parties or  wedding, those places are usually listed on all invitations.  Or better yet, a site is listed that includes all of the information about the couple's wedding in general.

Today, I would like to tell you about just a few of the benefits of creating a Wedding Registry with Zola:

1.  The happy couple can customize their personalized page with photos and notes to wedding
     guests; everything is in one place.

2.  Free Shipping!  Who doesn't like free shipping?  Plus, the couple will receive notification
     when a gift is purchased and choose to have it shipped now or hold for later.  How
     convenient is that?

3.  And what about gift exchange?  I can remember whenever I was engaged, myself, having to
     load up all of the items I needed to exchange and go from store to store.  With Zola, that is
     not necessary since there is online gift exchange!

4.  And for those of you who want to get the best bang for your buck, Zola offers Price Matching.
     If the couple or guest finds an everyday lower price from another online retailer on a Qualifying
     Product, just let Zola know and they will match it!

5.  And for those of us on the go, there is the Best Registry App.  This app includes:  Barcode Scan
     so you can add to your registry quick and easy from anywhere, Real Time Alerts to let you know
     when you've received a gift, a Planner to assure that there is a gift for every guest to give at their
     preferred price point, and a Blender, which is a Tender-like feature which will allow you to pick
     out new wedding gifts.

These are only a few of the benefits of creating a wedding gift registry with Zola, but aren't these few
enough for you to take the plunge and join right now if you are planning a wedding?  Remember, wedding planning is meant to be fun, not stressful so why not put all of your wedding planning in the hands of Zola!

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