Creating Good Habits for 2018

I'm not much of a goal setter or resolution maker so this year I've decided to set some good habits in place for myself.  A good habit may not be a goal, however, it might lead to a goal you have had in mind.  Here's an example:  I have a goal of being able to run a marathon.  My good habit would be that I will start running for 30 minutes each day which might in turn get me to that marathon.  Get it?  Yea...that was just an example because there is no way I ever plan on running a marathon.  But I will share with you a few things I have come up with that will perhaps make my life a little better in this new year.

There's nothing like the death of someone dear to you to make you stand up and take notice of your own life.  After watching my mother fade away in hospice care and eventually pass away during the holiday season, I took stock of where I am in my own life and where I would like to be.  I decided to focus on a well-rounded me and to do that I needed to develop some good habits in several areas of my life:  Physical, Mental and Spiritual.

     I will commit to making healthy choices with food, which includes eating more fresh real food
     than the processed kind.  Also, choosing an exercise that I really enjoy is important because if
     I enjoy it, I am more likely to stay with it.  It is my intention to attend yoga classes at least 3 times
     a week.  And the fact that I am now teaching one of those 3 makes it easier for me to keep that
     good habit.

     Peace of mind is a big thing for me.  I am a worrier so I am going to get into the habit of living
     more day to day and not borrowing trouble from tomorrow.  Yoga will also help me clear my
     mind and meditate on positive things.  I have recently picked up my painting after quite a long
     hiatus and I remember how happy it makes me to paint and create, therefore I am going to make
     it a habit to paint a little every day...and a lot some days!  And to disconnect more from electronics
     and replace them with enjoying the quiet, outdoors,  music and people.

     My spirituality is very important to me.  I'm going to make reading and studying my Bible a
     priority this year.  I want to have some quiet time and meditation every morning.  It is my
     intention to simplify my life.  I want to be concerned less with things and more with people.

Spending time with my mother during her last days here on earth made me realize that there are so many things in life that often times keep us busy or complicate our lives.  However, in the end, it is a life well lived in peace that really matters.  It's the choices you make that lead to your joy and contentment.

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