How Close Do You Come to a Perfect Shave?

My husband is the "Shave Master".  He knows all things about shaving and absolutely cringes whenever he sees me breaking the "shaving rules".  Ummm...yea, I didn't realize there were any shaving rules as I'm sure most of you didn't either.  For instance, how many of you have just grabbed a bar of soap, lathered up and slashed that razor across your skin?  HEY, I'm raising my hand here!  Well, there ARE some rules to follow while wielding a razor that will make things go a whole lot smoother for you.

COMMON MISTAKE:  Not Prepping Properly.    

 Just a splash of water won't do.  Men should either shave after a shower or use a warm cloth before shaving to soften the hair follicles.   And if your beard is really thick, you should trim it up with an electric razor before shaving with a traditional one.
                                   Women should stick to shaving in the shower or bathtub.


COMMON MISTAKE:  Not Shaving in the Proper Grain Pattern.

Gosh, who knew?  Oh yea right, Hubby knew.  In order to find out which way the hair grows, let it get long enough to feel.  On the first pass you should shave going with the grain and then afterwards against the grain.  This should alleviate the tug against the skin and leave it feeling smooth.

COMMON MISTAKE:  Putting too much pressure on your skin and causing unwanted cuts and nicks.

This is probably the most common shaving mistake made (Guilty!), but also the easiest to avoid.  While it seems like applying more pressure to the skin will get you a closer shave, it's actually the opposite.  Gently gliding the razor across your skin will result in a smoother shave.

COMMON MISTAKE:  Applying too little or too much shaving cream.
Applying too little shaving cream can have the same effect as not properly prepping your skin and too much can cause a big mess, creating the perfect storm for cuts and nicks.  To get the perfect shave you're looking for, an almond-sized portion is what you need.  Ladies, you can use a bit more for a larger area like the legs.  Using a product that provides hydration is good for keeping skin from getting irritated also.

COMMON MISTAKE:  Using soap or body wash.

It might seem like a good idea if you run out of shaving cream or gel to just put some soap or body wash on to shave with.  DON'T DO IT!  While it may seem like they are the same, soap actually removes dirt and oil from the skin causing the exact opposite effect you are looking to get.  Just stick with the proper shaving products and you can't go wrong.

COMMON MISTAKE:  Leaving your razor on the shower ledge or bathroom sink.

Leaving your razor on the shower ledge or bathroom sink where there is bacteria and water floating around will leave your razor dirty and dull.  And don't just throw it in a drawer where there is more bacteria.  You might want to invest in a razor stand that will keep your razor above the water but still easily accessible.

COMMON MISTAKE:  Using your razor longer than your should.

Most people aren't really sure how often to change their razor out.  It is suggested that every 6-8 uses you should change it out (Oh gosh...I'm way overdue!).  One of the best ways to do this is to use a subscription service where quality razors will be delivered straight to your home.

Realizing that there really are rules on how to achieve the perfect shave while wielding that razor of yours AND implementing them should make thing run a whole lot smoother for you!

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