Sunset and Champagne on a Boat

If you read my first post on Sunset and Champagne, you will know that I made a list of all the best places to see the sunset in the Florida Keys.  This past weekend we set out to see another one.  On a boat.

There are boats that can take you out of Malory Square to see the sunset but why not get on your own boat and do it?!  Hubby surprised me by buying lights for the boat and spent some time Sunday installing them so he could take me out on our boat to watch the sun set.

It doesn't actually set until around 8 p.m. but we wanted to leave in plenty of time to drive there and get situated in the right place to watch it set.  I grabbed a bottle of champagne and my camera bag and off we went!

It took about a good 30 minutes to get where we wanted to be.  It seemed as though we were chasing the sun as it was setting.  And I would have had no idea where to chase it to, to get in just the right location.  Thankfully Hubby has a great sense of direction.  And a compass.  That he knows how to read...because I don't (sigh...).

We were there in plenty of time and as I looked around, everything was still and quiet as if we were the only ones on the water.  We popped the bubbly and sat back and just waited for the sun to put on its colorful nightly show.

And boy it did not disappoint.  I captured it in several phases going down and as I was clicking away, I told Hubby, "You know, every sunset is different.  No two evenings does it set the same."

And as a bonus, on the way back home we watched the full moon rise...

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