Summertime Travel Tips For Large Families: Vacationing on a Budget

Today I welcome back guest blogger, Henry Moore from Fit Well Traveller.  Henry always gives us such great travel tips and today he gives some travel options for large families this summer that won’t break the bank and  offers ways to connect in unique ways.

Summertime travel is a given for many American families; as soon as school is out, everyone wants to take a break and head somewhere fun. It can be difficult to pick up and go when you have a large family, however. Not only are there a lot of details to consider, the cost can be overwhelming, and no one wants to worry about money while they’re on vacation. 


Fortunately, there are many simple ways you and your family can enjoy a trip or two this summer without breaking the bank. The trick is to get creative and stay fairly close to home so you’ll have more cash to spend on fun activities. Instead of traveling across the country to go to a theme park -- where everyone will be hot and might not even get to ride all the attractions -- consider going camping, heading to a local beach, or finding some fun activities that are within a couple of hours of home. Don’t rule out day and weekend trips! They can be the best kind when money is tight. Keep reading for some great tips on how to have a fun trip this summer.


Go Camping


Camping is a very inexpensive way to have a great time for people of all ages; the key is to make sure there’s something fun to do for everyone and that it’s a safe experience. Look for a local national park or campsite that’s located close to a fun attraction such as an aquarium or a lake that rents boats for the day. Bring along some sports equipment for those who love to play, and pack supplies for making campfire treats at night. It can be difficult to coax kids away from their tablets and other devices, but once you do, they’re bound to love the great outdoors. 


Learn Something New


Depending on where you live, there may be dozens of fun attractions nearby that you’ve never explored, such as museums, zoos, boat tours, and family fun parks. Get online to find out what cool, educational places are nearby, and look for Groupons or other discounts while you’re there. Make sure you check on their stroller policy if you have little ones.


Take a Weekend Trip


There are tons of places around the U.S. that are within three hours of something fun and different, so consider taking a weekend trip rather than a vacation that lasts an entire week. If you can take Friday off work and leave a little early, you’ll have that much more time to have fun. These are great trips to bring the family dog along on, as they aren’t so long that he’ll get anxious about being away from home. Bringing along a pet can be beneficial in many ways, from not having to pay boarding costs to having a comforting friend there with you when you’re in a strange place. This is especially important for individuals who are in recovery, as pets can help reduce anxiety, stress, and the symptoms of depression.


Click here for more great info about pets and recovery.


Don’t Eat Out


Taking trips can eat into your wallet because you’re away from home and eating out a lot. If you’re staying at a hotel or condo near the beach, look for one that has a built-in kitchen area so you can make some meals yourself. While it may not be ideal for relaxation, having food there for breakfast and lunch can save you quite a bit of cash, especially if you’re in a touristy spot where the prices get outrageous.


Traveling with the family can be stressful if you aren’t prepared, so make sure you pack well and start planning a few weeks in advance. Outdoor summertime adventures are wonderful bonding experiences, but only when everyone knows the rules of safety. Talk to your loved ones about the best ways to stay safe and have fun while you’re away from home.

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