Patience Is A Virtue...Apparently One I Do NOT Possess!

A couple of weeks ago (before Caitlin left for school), I gathered a bunch of old photos to take down to Target to scan to a disc. A friend of mine who follows my blog told me it would be a good idea to include some photos of the kids in their younger days. I'm not really good at many things that are technologically related...thus Caitlin's invitation to come along with me. She had that machine up and running before I even had all of the pictures out to stick in the scanner. When we hit the "complete" button...nothing. Calling the photo attendant over, she informed us that for some reason none of the pictures scanned and we needed to do them all again. Ugh! We were pressed for time and couldn't scan them all again right then; this little project would have to wait for another day. Today was that day.

I got up early and headed over to Target. It was in my plans to get all of those pictures scanned on a disc BEFORE I went to the gym so I would have the rest of the day free. Upon arriving, I walked over to the photo center. I didn't see anyone around, so I just touched the screen to scan the photos...nothing. Walking over to the customer service center, I asked if someone was available to assist me. The associate informed me that the photo center did not open until 11:30...WHAT? That was just CRAZY! I decided to run around the corner to Walgreen's to use their machine...someone was using it too! I jumped into my car and ran over to ANOTHER Walgreen's...time was running short now, but I was determined to get this done early in the day. I walked into the store and saw that no one was at the photo machine...Yay! I walked up to the attendant and asked if that machine scanned pictures to a disc. Pointing to a sticky note taped to his computer screen, he replied, "Normally (why did I feel a "BUT" coming next?)...BUT our machine is down; we are waiting to have it repaired." OH MY GOSH! You know what they say about the "best laid plans". I was on a MISSION now; I was GOING to get those pictures scanned TODAY!

I went on to the gym and made it back to Target at 11:45; the photo lab attendant should definitely be there by now. I walked over to the photo center one. I found another sales associate nearby who informed me that the photo center did not open until noon! Sighing LOUDLY, with disbelief and impatience, I said, "Someone else told me it opened at 11:30! I drove all the way back over here...ugh!" My comments did not seem to phase the woman. I grabbed a buggy and decided I may as well get a few items I had jotted down on a list while I waited. After doing this, I glanced down at my watch to find that it was 12:15 now...SURELY that photo center would be open now. And it was...and someone else was using the machine! NOW I had to wait in line (tap,tap,tap...come on, HURRY UP!). FINALLY she got finished and it was MY turn. I read all of the directions very carefully (which is a "biggie" for me...I don't do directions), scanned my pictures and took the pick-up ticket that printed out. I noticed that it said my disc would be ready in 30 minutes. I would wait...I had come this far; I was going to walk out of this store with my disc in hand TODAY. I had an item to return, so after putting my purchases in the car, I went to the return counter, got my refund and then asked the lady behind the counter how to go about getting my photo disc. I asked, "Do I just present this to anyone? I don't see anyone behind the counter over there." This is when she really made my day. "Oh, you can't get your disc today...the girl who works that counter is out today." I thought... YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! I said," No one in the store can just get the disc for me?" "No; no one else know how to (a likely story...).

So, I ended up leaving empty handed; what else could I do? I would have to return the next day to pick my photo disc up. As you can see, those "oldie but goodie" photos have now been added to my blog! I hope it was worth it and you enjoy putting some faces with the stories about the kids I've shared when they were younger.

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