Really Random Revelations!!!

I always have these really random thoughts that often run through my mind, so I thought I should perhaps just start writing them down and sharing them with you.  You might agree with some of them and some might even make sense.  However, if they don't, just remember they ARE just my crazy random thoughts and not meant to be some sort of intellectual, thought-provoking revelations.  Read...and hopefully a smile will cross your face once or twice as you do!

1.  It's OK to have FUN!...Even if your job requires you to be serious.  It allows people to know that you are
     human too!

2.  Babies' feet don't stink!  AND they are fun to kiss on.  It also makes the baby laugh out loud when you do

3.  I really like pretending.  We should all play with young children now and then because they have wonderful

4.  It's GREAT to have Valentine's Day AND your birthday in the same month... double the sweets, jewelry and

5.  I'm not ADD...I'm just really accomplished at wasting time.

6.  If you have a baby at home it's OK to stay in your pajamas all day...well, it least you have a valid excuse for
     WHY you stay in your pajamas all day.

7.  Ice cream eaten directly out of the container tastes better!  AND I'm told that if you remain standing
     while doing so, the calories don't even count.

8. Learning to speak Italian the Rosetta way REALLY is easier!

9.  My computer sounds like there is a little rat running around on a wheel in there when I turn it on.

10. I like living in the south because we have days in February when the temperature gets to 80 degrees!

I hoped you enjoyed my randomness of the week.  Look forward the hearing some more of this silliness next Saturday morning too.  Feel free to comment on any or all of my random thoughts and hey!...leave a few of your own if you'd like.  Go out, enjoy the something random...and by all means HAVE FUN doing so!

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