Our Newborn (Do-It-Yourself) Photo Shoot...

Before I left Cleveland, Caitlin and I had this wonderful idea.  You know how much we love to "Do-It-Ourselves"...well, we decided that we would take Holli's baby photos ourselves.  Oh, we bought props and prepared and even said, "How hard can it be to photograph a newborn baby?  And we will be saving LOTS of money too!"  About two hours into the five hour photo shoot, we knew that inside the baby was laughing at us for saying such a thing!  All I can say was..."WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE WE THINKING?!"

I snapped some shots with my cell phone, while Caitlin used the camera.  Here are some of the results...

Caitlin made these awesome pinwheels!  They will eventually go on the wall above Holli's baby bed.
                                                  Caitlin was the one to position Holli...
                                                            And snap the photographs...
I was her assistant and part of my job was to hold Holli and keep her happy between the changing of the props.
                                                        I LOVED this part of my job!
             And Holli took a much needed naps during this long day of photo taking.
This is the sweet blanket that her Uncle Dave made her.  Doesn't she look like a little pea in a pod?!
                                                                     Our little princess.
                                                                         What an angel!
                                             Caitlin made this adorable hair piece for Holli.
I LOVE this photo.  We had to have a Native American piece since this little baby is a registered Choctaw!
                                                         There's that great pinwheel wall!
                                                                     PURE SWEETNESS!

OK, so I will admit that photographing a newborn baby is easier said than done!  BUT...once again, we have walked away with not only some beautiful photographs but also some beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.  And THAT made the entire experience well worth our time and effort.

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