Still On "Baby Watch"...

Well, today marks two weeks that I have been here in Cleveland...waiting (impatiently...) on Baby Holli (sigh...).  Caitlin went for her doctor's appointment this evening progress (ugh...).  Her doctor told her if she had not had the baby by Saturday (her due date is Thursday...), she will go to the hospital for a stress test on the baby to make sure that the baby's movement is still OK.

Robby is just about to go stir crazy because let's face it...there is only so much you can do here every day.  He said he now knows why they say you feel like a "Fish Out of Water".  Yesterday we once again headed out to "shop around" (yea, you know how much he is enjoying this...).  I "NEEDED" to go to Nordstrom's.  I felt like looking at (and touching...) shoes AND visiting the Bobbi Brown make-up counter would make me feel better (at least mentally...).  Well, Caitlin and I were set on buying the new eye shadow sticks and they were out of the colors we wanted, so we then told Robby we wanted to go to Nordstrom Rack.  There, Robby started buying clothes for ALL the grand kids; Parker Ann, Holli and Beckett!  While I was looking at the shoes there, Caitlin came around the corner and announced that her feet were swelling and KILLING her (she wore BOOTS; cute but not practical for a full term preggo) and she was going to buy a pair of NIKE's to wear home...

                                                   "Shoe Therapy"...Just what I needed!

                                See what I mean?  Super Cute (But VERY impractical...) Boots!

                                             Here's how she came walking around the rack...

Well, she ended up wearing the blue ones around the store...and then put her boots back on and didn't buy them.  I told her that was SO WRONG, but HEY...I guess a pregnant girl can have a pass.

                                   When we woke up this morning it was snowing...AGAIN!

SO...The bottom line is; we're STILL ON "BABY WATCH"!  I survived the stomach bug that I had this past weekend, I am now having issues with my sinuses because of this super dry climate and two weeks is now turning into three...We are impatient but as a friend of mine reminded me, "God's timing is PERFECT"!


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  1. I think some more visitors arrive today, correct? That will help with boredom.