"Number 6"...Prince or Princess?

As you know, Grand "Number 6" is on the way.  And they will be called "Number 6" until a name is decided upon.  Of course, we have to know what the sex is before a name can be decided on and that actually happened just this week!  Caitlin went in for her 3-D Ultrasound and here's what we found out...(Since Holli is the Big Sis, SHE wanted to share the news!)
                                                      Did you understand all of that?!
                                                                        IT'S A BOY!!!
                                                 And as Caitlin said, "There's the Goods"!

This little rascal has been moving around for quite some time now and Caitlin said that during the ultrasound he was moving around so much they had a hard time getting pictures.  At one point he was holding onto the umbilical cord and kicking!

Well, we are all excited to add another male to our growing brood and Beckett for sure is probably running around high-fiving everyone because he will finally have another BOY to play with!  And so the count is as follows:  GIRLS 4...BOYS 2!

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