And Now...Let Me Introduce You To PARIS...

Hubby and I flew into Paris and went directly to our ship.  It was misting rain that day but still just as magical as I always dreamed it would be.  We donned our jackets, scarves and hats and set out to do a little window shopping.  The next day, however, we went on a tour of the city and then set out by foot on our own to do a little exploring.  Today, I share my photo journaling of Paris with you...

You will find that LOTS of my photos, while in Paris, are centered around the Seine.  Do you see those swans?  They seemed to follow us around and I liked their presence.  It reminded me of the line from the movie, "The Notebook",  where it was mentioned that swans have only one mate for a life.
   The beautiful Seine!  Where our floating home would travel for the majority of our France trip.
Notice that at the beginning of our trip we were not wearing coats.  The weather started out unseasonably warm for November and we were loving the fall-like temperatures.
The architecture in Paris, and all of France for that matter, is just gorgeous.  And so many things reminded me of the French influence that can be found in New Orleans.  I cannot wait to watercolor some of the sites I photographed!

                                      And was I just a little obsessed with the Eiffel Tower!
     From near or far and basically just anywhere we stood this structure was just magnificent!

 And just when we thought things couldn't get any better, we learned that it was lit up every night AND began to sparkle at the top of every hour.  WOW...Just WOW!
                                              We were SO excited that first night in Paris.
On the opposite side of our boat, one could catch a glimpse of  the Parisian Lady Liberty; a smaller replica of the one that can be found in New York City.
                  As we toured the streets of Paris I noticed such diversity.  From the opulent...

                                                          To the quaint and picturesque...

                                                            To the downright quirky.
                                                                    Ahhh...Paris (Pa-ree)!!!

         And as we set sail from Paris at midnight, the swans were still swimming next to our boat.

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