Are YOU a Groupon Queen (or King) Yet?!

Our family refers to my daughter as "The Coupon Queen".  Do you have one in your own family?  She's the gal you see price checking EVERYTHING.  If there isn't a coupon for what she's wanting, she's just not going to get it.  Surprisingly, however, she seems to be able to find one for everything under the sun.  And fear not, if you are with her and do not have the app downloaded on your phone, she will either insist that you load it immediately or loan you hesr for the discount.  You get the picture now?  You are NEVER going to pay full price for ANYTHING while she is around..  And that is precisely why when I was approached by the people over at GROUPON/COUPONS to create a post for them , I jumped at the chance to introduce my readers to the fabulous deals you too can have at the touch of your fingertips!
First, let me say that I'm really a techy person.  If I can't find it and keep it on my I-phone then just forget it.  And I believe that most of us have our smart phones with us all of the time.  So, I decided to check out the app store to see if there was a Groupon App and voila!  There is one...actually more than one (Hallelujah!).

If you go to the app store on your phone or just click right HERE, you can check this awesome app out and see what all it has to offer.  Whenever I checked it out on my phone I found that first, the app is FREE!  So it really doesn't cost you a penny to put it on your phone and start checking out all the great deals that are offered.  I also found out that there are literally any kind of coupons you can think of on there.  You know, I must admit that when the word "coupon"was mentioned my mind went back to the 80's when we were all grabbing a pair of scissors and the Sunday newspaper to clip coupons for our next trip to the grocery store.  Just let me say..."Coupons have come a LONG way, baby"!

What I found was that there are three apps on my I-phone: 

As you can see by the above list, Groupon has covered all the bases with their deals...AND I noticed that if you have the Apple Watch, there is an app on there too!  Now, how more convenient can you get?!

As I said, I'm a techy sort of person and enjoy the convenience of having my deals right at the tip of my fingers.  But what if you're not into all of that?  Well, you're in luck too because you can just go to GROUPON/COUPONS to grab your deals.  I'm thinking this will be PERFECT for online Christmas shopping!

Now I have just one question to ask you:  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!  Grab that smart phone and add the Groupon App today!  What do you have to lose?  Only the BEST DEALS out there on restaurants, activities, retail items, travel and much more!

***As before mentioned, I was enlisted to write this post for Groupon and received compensation for
      doing so.***

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