Build a Child's Library With BOOKROO! (Coupon Included in Post!)

As I was scrolling through twitter the other day I came across an account that I was interested in.  They were asking bloggers to take a look at their product in exchange for a coupon to offer my readers.  Well, it was actually a little more than that which caught my eye.  It was the fact that the products were children's books!

Now, everyone who has read my blog for any amount of time knows that I am a book lover and would rather be reading books than doing almost anything.  This most likely stems from my childhood where I was given books quite a lot to read since I was the only child at home.  Books became a comfort for me because I could escape into other worlds that only one could dream existed.

When I was in elementary school, my mother enrolled me in a book club where books would arrive in the mail once a month and I would immediately devour those couple of books over and over until the next shipment arrived.  Today I have those same books on my bookshelf and merely looking at them brings me back to that time in my life where I could escape for an afternoon to an imaginary world.

As a mother, I nourished my children's minds with books as well, taking them to the library to get lost in the shelves for hours.  I loved watching them carry their treasures out to the car, heads already buried in one, immersed in another world.

I then took my love of reading into my second grade classroom.  At some point I read a study about listening to soft classical music while reading for pleasure and how it enhanced test scores.  That was all I needed to implement this type of reading program into my own classroom.  After the last recess of the day I would have soft music playing as the children filed in, grabbed a book and enjoyed 15 minutes of pure reading for pleasure.  And the tests scores?  They went out the roof!

Now that I am a grandmother, I am no less interested in reading material for my grandchildren.  As a matter of fact I have already made trips to the library with the older ones.  I have my own little children's library in my playroom and we have so much fun reading together!  Whenever holidays roll around I'm sure to include a book with their other goodies from YaYa, therefore ALL of this is why I would like to introduce you to BOOKROO.

Bookroo is a children's book club.  You can either purchase the books for your child or give a book subscription as a gift.  Each subscription will come with your choice of either 3 board books or 2 picture books.  The price is $15.99, which is much less than their value.  These book arrive at your home monthly and you can choose from these plans:  1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.  I asked the representative to send me the 1 month box containing 2 picture books and this is what I found upon its arrival...
                                         Now, I'm an adult and this got me excited already!
The books come beautifully wrapped.  How cool is that and what kid (or grown-up) wouldn't love getting the "gift" of reading in the mail each month?!
Once the packaging was opened here is what I found inside; two beautifully illustrated picture books that anyone would be proud to have in their children's library.

Reading is not only an investment in your child's education but also in their imagination.  To be able to read is one of the most empowering skills a person can possess.  I'm SO on board with this book club that I want everybody to be able to experience it too.  That's why I am offering a coupon for $5 OFF your purchase (To be applied at checkout when you click on the following  link)!  So why wait another minute, open the world of reading and unlock your child's imagination TODAY with BOOKROO!

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