My Dreaded Trip To the DMV

I knew that this was the year I was going to have to renew my driver's license.  I knew it every time I took my license out when I wrote a check.  I knew this!  However, yesterday...the day before my birthday when I took that license out again I realized that tomorrow was the day that I had to have it renewed (ugh...).  And that meant making a dreaded trip to the DMV.

Reluctantly I pulled into the parking lot of the DMV and looked around at the hundreds of cars parked in the lot. wasn't actually hundreds.  But it might as well have been.  I got out of my car and went into the building and looked through the glass window and saw...LOTS of people sitting in there waiting with numbers in their hands.  And I stood there for, oh, less than a minute and then decided to leave.  Yes, I realized that I would eventually have to go back and get a license but it wouldn't be that day.  It would have to be that next day (sigh...).  My birthday.

Why, you may ask yourself, do I hate going to the DMV so much?  Well, let me enumerate the reasons for you:
1.  It is always crowded.  I mean ALWAYS.  Which means one has to wait a LONG time to get
     waited on.  I mean, when you have to take a number to be waited on it is never good.
2.  Lots of people in the waiting room mean lots of germs.  And not only do I not like germs and
     find that there is not nearly enough sanitizer to clean every surface I could possibly touch in
     there but technically it is still flu season and have you seen all the snotty noses in there and
     coughs?  OK...I think you get the point.
3.  Why do so many people in there have on their slippers and pajama pants?  Why??  And when
      did it become OK to go out in public with those things on?  Seriously, am I just getting old or
      would it be OK for me to come in my nightie and robe too?!
4.  I'm not judging now, but there are some pretty unsavory characters lurking in the parking lot at
     the DMV.  Not that I think they might be dangerous or anything.  But maybe they are.  Or just
     look like it.  Anyway, you have to sometimes make your way through these people to get inside
     the building.
5.  Then there is the fear of not having everything you need and getting sent to the end of the line        
      after you have been waiting FOREVER for your number to be called.  I get confused as to what
      exactly to have in my hand when they call my name.  Old license, insurance card, vehicle
      registration, voter registration, social calendar, grocery list??  So confused...
6.  The employees scare me.  They absolutely do NOT smile, are not lighthearted and have no time
     for foolishness.  They remind me of Nurse Ratched on "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".
7.  And then comes the time for the photo.  The little old lady working the camera says something to
     you that you cannot understand and just as you say, "What?" she snaps your picture.  And never...
     I mean NEVER ask her if you can have a do-over.  It's not gonna happen.

OK, So CLEARLY I have some serious issues and I could go on and on as to why I HATE going to the DMV but it still doesn't change the fact that I had to return to get that darn license.  And so, while explaining my plight to Hubby and Justin, they both had a great idea.  Just get up EARLY and be there before they open the doors at 8 a.m. (WHAT?!) and then you won't have to wait.  Hmmm...not a bad idea.  EXCEPT for the fact that I also HATE to get up that early (I know...Hubby says I think I'm a princess.  WHAT?!  I'm not??)  Especially on my birthday.  I know, I's my own fault that I waited until the last minute to get my license renewed.  AND I would have to get up even earlier to put make-up on and fix my hair (sigh...).  I give up.  Some things in life trump others and not having to wait at the DMV trumps the hair and make-up.  I will just have to live with a driver's license photo that looks like a mug shot for the next 4 years.


I got up before the sun poked its head out.  On my birthday.  Happy Birthday, to me.  All I could think about was getting to the DMV before it opened and get a jump on everybody.  I threw a cup of coffee down my throat and raced out the door and down the road.  As I drove into the parking lot I saw that a line had already formed outside the office (UGH!).  I shoved my car in park and ran to take my place in that line...I was number 12.  And it was chilly.  Wish I had thought to bring a jacket but I was NOT abandoning my place in line because there were also quite a few people behind me now.

As soon as the doors opened we filed in like a herd of cattle, taking our numbers and seats.  And waiting to be called.  When it was all said and done it took me 33 minutes after I entered the building to get my license and get back into my car to leave.  And by the way I DID get up early enough to put my make-up on.  I couldn't live with a bad picture for 4 years.  I know; call me vain. So...Here it is; my new license!
When I got ready to leave the guy asked me if I would like to keep my old license for a souvenir.  A SOUVENIR??  What kinda freak do you think I am?!  UGH...

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