A Black Friday Baby!

Thanksgiving around here was quiet.  It was the kids' year to be away at in-laws.  And that wasn't a bad thing since I have been battling my asthma and upper respiratory infection for  3 weeks now.  And then there was "Number 8 " who was due to make their arrival on Black Friday, if not sooner.
And so it was that "Number 8" did not decide to make their appearance before Friday so a Black Friday Baby it was going to be!

It was already decided that Justin and Sarah would bring Parker Ann and Lila Kate over Thursday evening to spend the night since her induction the next morning would be early.  And although I wasn't feeling well, I had promised the traditional tree decorating for not only them but Beckett too.  And trust me, the little ones do not let you forget anything so I sent Hubby up to the attic to retrieve the boxes of ornaments and then laid out the ones that couldn't be broken for them to place on the tree.

                                     The step stools were quiet popular with the older ones.
When Parker asked Beckett if he was spending the night too, he replied by saying, "Well, I really, really want to..."  And so they all snuggled down beside my bed to watch a movie before going to sleep.

I haven't ever really been a Black Friday shopper myself, opting to put my Christmas decorations up on that day every year.  So a Black Friday Baby sounded good to me!  I couldn't wait to meet Number 8 and see if it was a he or she!  And it didn't take long at all because by about 10 a.m., the newest member of OUR BIG FAT SOUTHERN FAMILY made their debut...

          Meet MISS PEARSON ELIZABETH ROGENMOSER, weighing in at 8 lbs., 8 oz!

We didn't tell the girls if if the baby was a brother or sister and waited until they arrived at the hospital to find out for themselves.  We knew that Parker Ann was already so excited but we weren't quite sure how Lila Kate was going to take to a new baby.
I tried to snap as many photos to capture the moment the girls first saw their new baby sister.  As you can see, Parker was elated!

One could have never guessed in a million years that Lila Kate would be immediately so in love with her hew new baby sister.  So much so that she really didn't want anyone else to hold her.
And so in order for family to get a chance to hold Pearson, we took Lila Kate downstairs to get a snack.
    But she didn't really want a snack...she just wanted to get her hands on that baby again.
Poppi was actually the first one to get his hands on the new little one since he was already in town that morning whenever I called to say that the baby had arrived.
                                        But it wasn't long before YaYa was on the scene too!

It was so much fun not knowing the sex of the baby this time around.  And we couldn't be happier to welcome a sweet new little girl into this ever growing family!  She doesn't know it yet but I foresee many happy days with those two older sisters of hers and all the cousins to boot.  Family holidays and vacations.  Birthday parties and playing dolls.  Making the best friends for life...Yes, we are so happy and feel so very blessed to have another healthy baby come into our family this year.

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