Live Turns Two

I told you that we were having birthdays fast and furious around here.  We had barely sung Happy Birthday to Grayson whenever it was time to sing the same song to Olivia.  You see, Olivia's birthday is really at the beginning of March (She and Aunt Sarah share the same birthday), however, since her little brother was due around the same time, her mommy thought it best to go ahead and have her party at the end of February this year.

     Olivia just loves Minnie Mouse and so this year, that was the theme of her birthday party.
The fun theme was a festive red and black that transported you to "The Happiest Place on Earth"!

Every little detail was attended to.  I'm not sure if you can tell that those rice crispy treat pops are shaped like Minnie!
                        And the polka dotted plates had napkins formed for the mouse ears.
And, of course, the cake did not disappoint.  Allison has had the same baker two years in a row make the most precious cake for Olivia.
The birthday girl was pretty excited about her party and couldn't wait to dig into all of the treats...and presents!

It was so nice outside that most of the party was held outdoors (Benefit of living in Louisiana.  Don't worry, we will be complaining soon enough that we can't stand the heat.).  Notice her cute little smocked Minnie Mouse bubble suit and BIG red bow in her hair (We southern mamas believe in big ole bows...the bigger the better!).  I think Beckett was almost excited as she was about the present opening...
                         Well, Grayson maybe not so much.  But he sure is a cutie, isn't he?
          And Poppi got the award for getting the most and best snuggles of the day!

Olivia made two just about a week before her baby brother was born.  Yep...I'll be showing some pictures of him real soon!

We love birthdays around here.  They are so special and never just a little gathering.  Allison is one of four children in her family and Ryan is one of four in ours.  Add the spouses, nieces, nephews, grandparents and great-grandparents and you've already got a whole bunch of people before you invite the first guest.  But it's fun to get together with OUR BIG FAT SOUTHERN FAMILY and I wouldn't trade this bunch for anything in the world!

                     BLUE EYED DOLL BABY!!!

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