Proper Wedding Attire for the Season

Summer is wedding season and right now it is in full swing.  There is always the question of, "What will I wear to the wedding?"  The proper wedding attire, suitable for the venue,  is quite important.  Whether one is dressing for a church, destination,  or outdoor wedding, they will want to look their best and appropriate for the occasion .  I absolutely LOVE weddings and have had lots of experience with them, therefore, I was so excited to team up with Bonobos to give you a little assistance in dressing for the next wedding you attend.

The first question many women ask is:  "Is it OK to wear black to a wedding?"  I would have to say that black, in my opinion, is appropriate for almost any occasion.  So, yes, I think a little black dress would be fine for wedding attire.
 This  Michael Kors, little black dress, with a fit waist, flare skirt and mesh detailing would be perfect for any wedding.  Paired with either black or nude shoes and you've got a classic outfit.

There are other venues that have more unspoken rules concerning appropriate wedding attire and one of those is a church wedding.  Because it is a more reverent site for nuptials, I believe  conservative is better.  Conservative, however, does not mean that you cannot dress fashionably, it just means perhaps no plunging necklines or mini skirts.

 You can never go wrong with a classic DVF dress.  This knit dress in a flattering colorblock pattern is the perfect length and style that would be great for a church wedding.  Paired with red heels for an afternoon event and if you want a more dressy look for evening, pair it with black ones.

The outdoor wedding event is a a little more tricky, especially in the south, where I live.  First, know the weather for the area in which the event is planned.  Hopefully it will be planned during a mild season where one does not have to worry about extreme temperatures.  In any case, you can dress both for the weather and the event in an elegant fashion for the outdoors.
Whatever you do, do not dress extremely casual for an outdoor wedding simply because of the venue.  One can dress beautifully for an outdoor event and a maxi dress is one of my favorites things to wear.  This glamorous yellow ruffle dress with a sheer bottom is perfect!  Sleeveless and sheer enough for the comfort of the outdoors, yet beautifully designed to be dressy enough for a wedding.
And let's not forget the sun that could be a factor at an outdoor wedding.  Choose a classic hat to accompany your dress and you're set!  And what could be more classic than this Aubrey Hepburn, "Breakfast at Tiffany's" hat for the occasion?  Of course, always come prepared by having an umbrella and raincoat nearby just in case of inclement weather.
This DVF Denim-Wrap Trench Coat is perfect for not only an outdoor wedding but any event where rain could be a factor.

And Don't forget to add just a bit of jewelry to your ensemble.  You never want to wear too much; as Coco Channel said, "When accessorizing always take off the last thing you put on."
I absolutely love these Kendra Scott Gold Drop Earrings!  I was actually given this pair of earrings for my birthday and I wear them all the time.  They are the perfect earring for any outfit.

                    Putting your perfect wedding guest look together is just a click away!

              Michael Kors LBD Because a LBD is always a good idea. 
              DVF Colorblock Knit Dress For a classic look you just can't beat.
              Yellow Ruffle Maxi Dress For that outside wedding that makes you look as radiant as the
              Breakfast at Tiffany's Hat To block the sun from your face and give you that classic Aubrey
                                                         Hepburn look we all adore.
              DVF Trench Coat To keep you dry and stylish at the same time.
              Kendra Scott Earrings To finish off the perfect look for any occasion.
              Bonobos For your guy and all your looks in between.

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