Homemade Face Paint Tutorial Just in Time for Halloween

What kid doesn't just LOVE face paint?  I know mine do.  Every time we are at an event that has face painting, we're in line to choose our favorite animal or character to be for the day!  While we were on vacation this summer, we even found some face paint in a toy store, bought some, took it home and voila...we had an afternoon of such FUN flitting around pretending to be all sorts of creatures!

But what if I told you that Personal Creations has written a blog post that tells you how YOU can make your own face paint in the most awesome colors?  Well, I just couldn't resist telling you about their Home Made Face Paint Recipe and not only that but also how to create the prettiest colors!
These are two of the adorable designs you will learn to paint, step-by-step in this article...and just in time for Halloween!

I believe that a child's imagination should be enhanced in any way possible. Whenever I see the smiles on the faces and the laughter in the air from creating something homemade and  simple I know success has been achieved!  Visit the Personal Creation Blog to find out how to make your own face paint, create a palette of beautiful colors and follow the directions on how to paint a ladybug, crown, puppy and flower!

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