The New Trend: Hot Beverage Bars

I had never really seen a hot beverage bar until I attended a wedding a few years ago and the bride had a lovely one set up with not only coffee but also hot chocolate, peppermint sticks, whipped    cream, those cute little sugar cubes and much more.  I was instantly smitten!  I thought this idea was so great that I couldn't wait to use it, myself, at the next baby shower I was planning.  It was such a great focal piece; not just functional but also unique and aesthetically charming.  I thought, "If I could only have this look every day, it would make me feel as though I were miles away in a French cafe' sipping my afternoon coffee."  That's why whenever my daughter moved to her new home and asked her dad to build her a hot beverage bar,  I was both intrigued and excited.  (And I also wondered why I hadn't thought of that!)

My daughter has a very distinct style in which she has decorated her home; eclectic vintage farmhouse.  So many of her vintage pieces were her grandmother's and she has incorporated quite a few of those into the decor or her hot beverage bar.
Set against the lovely backdrop of a neutral wall on one side and brick on the other this hot beverage bar looks warm and inviting.

The bar was painted a soft, creamy white that would enhance the appearance of the vintage decorative pieces used.

Combining old and new items add to the charm of this piece.

There's nothing as comforting as having your favorite coffee mug filled with your favorite hot beverage on a crisp fall day.

Mason jars, silver spoons and cookies; what a delicious combination!

Wire baskets and wooden and metal crates not only add to the eclectic look, but also serve as functional pieces for storage.

 There are so many options for decorating a hot beverage bar year round.  Think holidays and special occasions.   This bar could easily be transformed by changing the wreath to a holiday themed one and adding some festive cups, napkins and perhaps some unique, subtle decorations.  There are endless possibilities for this bar!  If you, however, are not so great at deciding how to choose a bar for your home or decorating it, the interior designers at Havenly  can help you achieve your own special look so you too can spend time in the solitude of your own home soaking up the aroma of roasting coffee beans and dreaming of far-away places.

PHOTO CREDIT:  Caitlin Jarrell (CaitlinHolli Photography)

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