Death of a Computer

So I realize that I have been absent for quite some time now.  With loads of posts building up; both personal ones, travel ones and sponsored ones.  You see, I took my computer to The Keys with me to really keep up with my posting and right after I computer died.  No seriously.  The hard drive crashed (Wah!).  I took it to the computer repair place there and they could do nothing with it and in the meantime I attempted to work on my blog posts on my iPad, however, I dropped it and cracked it.  I mean REALLY CRACKED it (Wah, wah, wha!).  Hubby thought he could fix the iPad but let's just leave it at...He couldn't!  We got home and took my computer to Best Buy where I told them I didn't mind purchasing a new computer but I really, really wanted my photos recovered.  They said they couldn't do it;"Call Apple," they said.  Who informed me that they didn't do that (WHAT?!).  SO...they gave Hubby the name of a third party who does hard drive recovery and we took the hard drive out and sent it to them.  Meanwhile, I ordered a new computer AND iPad.

I've not had much time to write since I have been doing some baby-sitting stints for the kiddos and actually currently am right now for a few day, BUT I found a few moments and thought I needed to tell you all what has been going on in the electronic world with me.  But now I am back in business and have had some people contact me with some AWESOME posts to create for them that I think you will LOVE!

Here's a SNEAK PEEK:

1.  Homemade Cookie Labels (Download)
2.  Printable Stencils for Doormats
3.  Giveaway on a Conceive Easy Kit
4.  Printable Ice-cream Wrappers
5.  Printable Road Trip Games

And those are just a few of the sponsored posts!

Look forward to seeing me popping up on your social media and inbox SOON!
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