Printable Road Trip Games

Do you remember what it was like (or hearing your parents tell you what it was like...) before the invention of electronics?  Imagine this:  A road trip was spent reading a book or playing some sort of game to pass the time.  Well, I don't know about you, but I miss those times.  And with more and more research becoming available about the effect of excessive use of electronic with children, I was SO EXCITED to find these awesome Printable Road Trip Games!

Y'all, there are 30 games in all and games for kids of all ages,  so I am only going to highlight a few of my favorites.
“My Cows!” – Driving through the countryside? Chances are, you drive by fields and fields of cattle. Every time you see a group of cows, yell out “my cows!” Keep track of how many herds of cattle you have and see who can get the most! But watch out – if you drive over a bridge, the first one to say “no more cows” can keep theirs, but everyone else loses all their cows!
License Plate Game – Spot a license plate for all 50 states (bonus points for Hawaii)! Color in each state as you find its plate and see who can get the most! This game is great for school-aged children: it will keep them off their electronic devices, engaged in the drive, and learning geography at the same time!

Road Trip Bingo:  One of the things that kids love to do is play travel bingo.  Although, most free printable travel bingo games are usually designed with only 4 boards.  This Travel Bingo game is designed with 8 boards!  And a great idea for this game would be to laminate the Bingo cards and provide Dry Erase markers for using them over and over again.

Road Sign Scavenger Hunt:  Want to keep your family busy during a road trip? See how many of these common road signs you can spot along your route. 

Providing kids with a Travel Game Box is the perfect idea for any road trip.  Choose a special box where all games and pieces can be kept and perhaps even let the kiddos help to decorate the box.  Laminate as many games as possible so they can be used over and over again and if you really want to get organized, use an accordion file to store each game in.

This is such a great opportunity for reconnection between kids and parents alike.    Click HERE to access all 30 FREE GAME DOWNLOADS and start looking forward to your next road trip!

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