Free Vintage Food Label Downloads

Hey, if you're like me, organizing is a necessary evil.  No, really, I do love to have things organized, especially my pantry.  But if I'm going to get everything organized in there I feel like it should be labeled...and cute too!  That's where these adorable Vintage Food Labels come in.  They're functional,  easy, cute and FREE!
                                   Take a look at all of the adorable labels that are available!
                                             There is one for ever staple in your pantry.
And there are some for Homemade Cookies, Lunches and even ones that you can personalize for anything else you want!
All you have to do to get these FREE DOWNLOADS is CLICK HERE and then apply them to your containers.  To apply the vintage food labels to your containers, try spray adhesive for plastic surfaces and double-sided tape for glass and ceramic surfaces. You also have the option to punch a hole in the label and use string to tie a label around your mason jar container. 

Wherever you decide to use these labels I hope you have SO MUCH FUN creating something unique!

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