Knick Knack Paddy Whack, Ryan Throws the Dogs a Bone!

We are currently on the the ofiicial countdown to David and Codi's wedding (July 10th) and Justin and Sarah's new baby (August 26th). So, naturally, much drama will be entering the picture. Last year, we threw the engaged couple a great engagement party, with a live band and approximately 200 guests. I, of course, decided I could do everything (except the catering) myself and things got a bit hectic on the day of the party. At that point, Ryan told me that if the wedding was worse than the party preparation, I could just put a cardboard cut-out of him at the church or he would pay someone to be his stand-in. As I mentioned before, Ryan is very sneaky, but he also likes to tease mercilessly. And by mercilessly, I mean that if you show any resistance to what he is saying, he will NEVER let it go! These two girls (Sarah and Codi) have been told this, however, I suppose it is just human nature to fight against whatever you don't want or like. Ryan is in full swing with both an up-coming wedding and arrival of a baby. At first, when beginning to plan the wedding, Codi toyed with the idea of having it outside...OK, NOT a good idea for the middle of July in Louisiana. I didn't say anything, because I realized that she would most likely change her mind and it was just an idea in the early planning stages. Ryan, however, took this as his cue to put his two cents in. He told her that this would be fine with him, but because of the extreme heat, he would be dressing in the Chipindale fashion! Yes, He would wear his tuxedo pants, with no shirt, but with a bow tie and a shirt cuff on each wrist. Needless to say, Codi had to disagree with him...which could not have made him happier. That gave him fire power to continue to talk about doing this and tease her until she finally made the official announcement that the wedding would be held in a church. Likewise, around the same time, Sarah began thiking of baby names. At that point, we did not know if the baby was a girl or boy, so Justin wanted a boy to be named after him; Robert Justin. Robert is a family name, with Robert being my husband's name...we call him Robby and Robert being my father-in-law's name as well...we call him Bob. Well, Sarah was having none of that. She stated that she did NOT want her child called a "nick name". She wanted him called Robert...hmmm...I could see this one coming. Ryan jumped on this band wagon by asking how "Little Bobby" was every time he saw Sarah. She REALLY took this serious and got beside herself when he started I have to tell you that he thought this was hilarious and her arguements only fueled the fire of his teasing. Robby often times tells me that I am no better than him, because I also began to think it was amusing (Because I DID tell her the more she protested, the more he would continue!). One night when they were visiting and he began his "Little Bobby" remarks, I whispered in his ear..."How about Richard Robert...and we can call him Ricky Bobby"? His eyes lit up as laughter poured forth (Because he is a great fan of Will Ferrell). He made this suggestion and everyone began to laugh as Sarah came over to the couch to pummell him! Ahhh, but alas, we found out the baby would not be a boy, but indeed a girl. Her name would be Parker Elizabeth. His response??? " Pleeeaaassseee DON'T give your girl a unisex name! You will only make her grow up being confused"! Oh no, here we go again. He then stated that he would just called her "Lizzie"...thus, the middle name change to Ann! His current project, however, involves the wedding plans, specifically the groomsmen. He came up one day with this idea that he would enlist all of the groomsmen to grow mustaches that came all the way down to the jaw. I have to admit that this was pretty funny; Robby said, "NO! You are NOT going to do anything to try to make her mad on her wedding day." I had a compromise...How about just doing it for the rehearsal (just to see the reaction) and then shaving them off for the wedding. This again was met with, "Barbara, you are no better than he is!" Oh well, he hasn't mentioned this in a while, but I already have visions of Robby holding the groomsmen (all 8 of them) down and shaving their faces before the wedding...we'll see!

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