Let the Chaos Begin!

Well, it is now 2 weeks until David and Codi's "Big Day" and the chaos has officially begun. The whole family is home and quite frankly, 2 weeks is a pretty long time for us all to be together before such an important pending event. Just me share just a little with you. Robby and I were in Dallas at Market and then heading on to Hot Springs, Arkansa for Sarah's baby shower. While we were gone, I knew that David was planning on packing his belongings and coming home from Kentucky. He has just completed his second year of medical school and is preparing to take his first set of Board Exams AND get married 8 days later. So, he and Codi will be moving to Hattisburg, Mississippi for at least the next 10 months for part of his rotations. You have to know how David shakes and moves. There are really only 2 words I can use to describe it..FAST and FRANTIC! He runs at top speed (often literally...I actually think he's trying to get a speeding ticket in every state ). Ryan says that when David moves from place to place, he just takes boxes, rakes the stuff off the counters into them and then throws them into his vehicle. Anyway, this is how is all started:

DAVID to RYAN: I want you to take the trailer with my stuff in it to Winnfield (ACE
Warehouse) and "paletize" it for me. (TRANSLATION...He wanted Ryan to
remove his boxes from the trailer, organize them, put them on a palet and
shrink wrap them for his next move).

RYAN to ME: I think I'm just going to open the back door on the trailer and go down the road
as fast as I can and hope everything blows out on the way there.

WHAT HAPPENED: Robby and I were doing a little shopping before heading out to Hot Springs.
All of a sudden my phone began to ring...it is Ryan. He said he had been
organizing David's stuff all day and is finally on his way home (actually
only miles from the house) and David called him. He had been studying all
day at Robby's office, was hungry and wanted Ryan to come to town to
bring him something to eat because he couldn't get Caitlin's car started
(yea...don't even know why he was driving HER car and not his...). Ryan
is explaining how this should have been the BEST day David has had
because he had someone else unpacking and organizing for him and NOW
he wants him to bring him food. As I'm hearing these complaints, I realize
that someone is trying to beep in on the other line of my phone. I quickly
pull it away from my ear to find that it is David (most likely calling to tell
me that he couldn't get the car started and Ryan wouldn't bring him any-
thing to eat). I continue talking to Ryan and tell him not to worry about
it and just go home. I'm about to clidk over to hear David's rendition, when
I notice across the room that Robby is answering his phone (in this family,
if you can't somebody to answer right away, you just keep dialing everyone
else's number as fast as you can until you get someone). Indeed, it was
David calling. In the meantime, I receive a text message from" The Text
Message Queen",Caitlin. She's not even in town, but David has called her
and is mad because he cannot get her car started (AGAIN...I don't know
why he drove HER car...). Across the room, I hear Robby say, " Jerk the
steering wheel hard; it hangs up...AND why are you even driving HER
car?" Justin of course, has been brought into this drama for no other
reason than I'm sure that he was on the "speed call if no one else answers
right away list...and I need to enlist someone to be one my side". His
solution to the problem at hand is for David to just travel by foot to the
Pop-Eye's up the road and get himself some lunch (RIGHT...it's only 105
degrees in the shade and not only would he have to walk at least a mile,
but it would be a mile through a very seedy neighborhood)! Finally, Robby
and I both get off of our phones, collapse into two chairs in the men's shoe
department, look intensely at each other...and start laughing! I say, 2
weeks is waayyy too long for all of us to be in this close proximity before
the wedding. A lot can happen in 2 weeks...and most of it is NOT good.
Oh well, "Let the Chaos Begin"! After all, that's what makes like more
interesting...(isn't it???)


  1. Your right, hold on tight it really will get crazy now. Wish I was there to partake!

  2. Now, blog world tip... remove word verification. I did and I don't get any random messages. If you do you can delete them.

  3. Just a little FYI......Popeye's on Bolton Avenue is closed.