Last...BUT Definitely Not Least!...Robby

Finally, I have made it to the last person in the photo...Robby; or as we commonly refer to him these days, Big Chief. We call him this because a couple of years ago, he and all of the children got their official Choctaw native American cards. He talks about "his people" quite frequently now and even has this dream catcher hanging from the rear view mirror in his truck. I've tried to tell him that I most likely have have more Native American blood than he does, but he will have none of it, asking me to show him MY card; I've given up on entertaining this conversation with him. Robby, however, is the "Big Chief" of this tribe. Apparently, we are all wildly undisciplined and need his help to keep us in line. I'm not going to lie, though...he HAS gottten all of us (mainly David and me) out of some pretty sticky situations over the years. Have you ever heard of that saying..."He walks quietly and carries of big stick"? Well, Robby does NOT walk quietly, but he DOES carry a big stick. OK...not literally a "stick", but believe me he doesn't need to. His shear size and demeanor command respect. We all know that he is a very kind and giving person, but he will have no nonsense where the kids (mostly those boys) are concerned. We were married very early in life; age 19 and 20. Justin came along pretty quickly afterwards, David 18 months later, Ryan 2 years later and then Caitlin 2 1/2 years after that (the 80's were a very busy time for us). When a family develops that quickly, one must "figure it out" quickly! When we married, Robby worked for an automotive parts house and I was employed at a local school for the mentally disabled. Realizing that is was going to take a little more to raise this brood, Robby moved employment a couple of times and along the way learned his first trade; air conditioning mechanic. He would go to his day job and get off around 3 p.m. every day and then head out to do air conditioning work...until sometimes midnight. Then, he would get up again the next day and do it again...and on weekends ...and on holidays. Times were hard, but good at the same time. I can honestly say that I was always happy and content where ever we happened to be in this journey called life. After David was born, I quit my job and stayed home with the children and Robby continued this work for quite a few years. Discipline and organization was always important with this many children, this close in age. Robby provided that and much more. Eventually, Robby became and electrician and then an electrical contractor. One day, a very nice man approached him and offered him an opportunity that landed him in a very good job doing this type of work. We often look back and realize how fortunate we are. All of the odds were against us...married very young, lots of kids very early in life, didn't make a lot of money...BUT our deep and abiding faith that God would bless us and take care of us got us (and still does) through those years. Robby is definitey the Big Chief of this tribe and it is visible to even an outsider that he has the love and repsect of all those around him. And this is our family! Now, hold on and enjoy all of the past and future adventures that are to come!

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